Breakthrough in research in the field of post.traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – The use of non.toxic supplements may provide lasting protection for those suffering from traumatic memory. This is according to data discovered by Prof. Gal Friend From the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Brain Center at Bar.Ilan University.

Exposure to a traumatic experience can lead to post.traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which causes mental disabilities and complex difficulties in many people. Prof. Yedid, together with his laboratory staff and partners from around the world, examined an area in the brain that has not yet been studied in this field. The study is currently entering the clinical phase after being proven in laboratory conditions.

Prof. Yedid is a neuropsycho.biologist from the Faculty of Life Sciences at Bar.Ilan University. He sought to examine why some people are more vulnerable to PTSD than others who have been exposed to the same traumatic event.

A friend decided to examine the DNA helix, and more specifically the epigenetic modifications (hereditary changes) “inscribed” on it. Epigenetic modifications are chemical signs that are on genes and program their activity. These signs are written on the DNA during embryonic development and direct function. The genes in the various organs.

A group of researchers from Bar.Ilan led by a friend examined this question with the help of model animals with PTSD (rats that have been traumatized by exposure to cat odor), and thus discovered the new way to treat PTSD, which may be beneficial to humans. At the core of the method is the discovered ability that affects methylation: a common chemical process in the cells of organisms that plays a key role in epigenetics – the hereditary changes in gene function.

Prof. Yedid: “Currently there is no treatment that provides long.term relief for people with the disorder, and we set out to solve this. The research basis that led us is that the environment greatly affects our behavior, and especially the response to trauma.” “We have been able to ‘erase’ the traumatic memory through the use of supplements. It is a treatment that will be given only twice and is epigenetically customized. PTSD is known to lead to mental disabilities among vulnerable people, so it is a significant breakthrough.“

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