Anxiety attack: The scenarios that go through our minds

More and more people are reporting coping with anxiety in recent years. From the fear of going crazy to a heart attack: What happens to a person who experiences an anxiety attack and how can you deal with the difficult moments when you feel a loss of control? Here are some things to know about this moment.

We have all experienced anxiety, at least in our lives, for a variety of trivial and everyday reasons: before a big test, public speaking or a job interview. However, some people experience anxiety more than others. Disproportionate amounts of anxiety can sometimes be caused by an underlying problem, most often, anxiety disorder. According to data from the World Health Organization, 264 million adults worldwide suffer from anxiety, 63 percent of whom are women.

Another sad and worrying statistic is the big jump in recent years. The incidence of all mental disorders has risen by 50% worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, 2016. Add to that the corona plague and the security situation, and presumably the data for 2021 – have already jumped above that. What happens to us during an anxiety attack? There are quite a few scenarios that go through your mind during an attack. Here are some of them and how to deal with them.

  1. The fear of dying from a heart attack

    Most people who have experienced an anxiety attack in their lives have ended that frightening event in the emergency room in order to make sure that God forbid they do not experience a heart attack. In the end, the results were of course normal and the doctors diagnosed that it was an anxiety attack. Despite this, there are quite a few people who whenever they experience an anxiety attack, are still confident that this time something wrong is happening to them.
    How do we calm the fear? If you did an ECG test (examination Standard that is usually done when you get to the emergency room) and the results were not found to be abnormal, and if you are not in the risk groups for heart disease – it is unlikely that you have heart disease, so it is probably not a heart attack.

  2. The fear of going crazy

    During an anxiety attack we experience extreme restlessness and confusion, and together with the physiological symptoms of anxiety – this combination causes the feeling that in a moment we will get out of control and everyone will see it. The truth is, despite the experience that you are “about to go crazy” – you can not really go crazy.
    How do we calm the fear? An anxiety attack passes by itself and does not cause insanity. The fear does not last forever but eventually subsides. Remind yourself that this feeling will pass.

  3. The fear of losing control

    During an anxiety attack, the feeling is that our body is getting out of control – the pulse is fast, the hands are shaking, we feel dizzy, weak, lack of concentration. It is easy to think that the body may completely get out of control however the reality is that an anxiety attack does not cause a loss of control.
    How do we calm the fear? This may sound surprising to you, but despite the feeling of confusion, people can function normally. For example, studies show that it is possible to drive during an anxiety attack. It is possible to have a sitting at work and function in a completely normal way. Contrary to popular belief, most people do not even notice that the person in front of them is having an anxiety attack. So remember that physiological symptoms of anxiety do not indicate a loss of control, you can function normally, and if you do not think extreme thoughts in your head and allow it to pass – the experience of loss of control will also pass.

  4. The fear of fainting

    During an anxiety attack some of us may feel weak, dizzy and the fear is that in a moment we will faint. The reality is that such a scenario is not possible.
    How do we calm the fear? Fainting is caused by a sudden and significant drop in blood pressure, however, when you experience an anxiety attack, your blood pressure actually rises. Therefore, it is almost impossible for you to faint during an anxiety attack.

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