Could it be that the results of the corona virus antibody trial conducted at Tel Hashomer Hospital a few months ago, before the vaccination period, were affected by the fact that some of the doctors and scientists at the hospital were funded by the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer? This was reported on Channel 12 last night, and this affair was discussed this morning (Wednesday) with Anat Davidov and Golan Yokfaz on 103FM, Prof. Avinoam Reches, Former Chairman of the Ethics Bureau of the Israel Medical Association.

“The relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the international medical academy has known many ups and downs. There was an attempt until the 2000s of the pharmaceutical industry to shape the medical information according to their commercial needs.” “It’s almost scary,” the presenters told him. “Really, right,” Ridge replied, adding, “there were plenty of examples of this until the 2000s when the pharmaceutical industry tried to intervene in many ways.“

“What happened is a simple thing,” said the professor. “In an article published in New England there were a bunch of 15 researchers I think, 13 have no economic interests from Pfizer and two did. So they announced it.“

Did the corona cabinet that made the decision know about the connection between the investigators and Pfizer?
“I think what happened was that something happened to them.“

Pfizer’s Corona Vaccine (Photo: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic)

“Pfizer has been tested in a thousand thousands of other ways,” Ridge objected to the harsh conclusions against the pharmaceutical company and Sheba Hospital, “in millions of people vaccinated around the world. Yesterday I received a Pfizer 3 shot wholeheartedly and quietly. Although two of the members in Sheba did not inform the general public that they had received money for another study. I think it was right to announce, but once again, we are talking about things of visibility. “

“One of the tools to convince the public is to report truth and transparency to them – and here it did not happen,” the presenters asked, but Ridge replied: “True, but it’s a glitch of visibility, I want to put it in proportion.“

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