Prof. Hagai LevinAn epidemiologist and former chairman of the Association of Public Health Physicians, expressed his opinion on the high morbidity rates of Corona virus in Israel. The corona is not behind us but I suggest that we do not add prey disease to corona disease. History is unnecessary, why not look people in the eye and understand that most of us are vaccinated. “

Prof Levin said things should be taken in proportion: “We see that the death toll is still relatively low. Without diminishing the threat of the corona, we kept saying ‘the corona is not behind us is a global epidemic that will continue to haunt us for a long time’, but I suggest we do not add Corona disease also has the disease of prey, the prey of what is happening around. ” He added that “the hysteria in Israel is excessive” in relation to the countries of the world.

The senior epidemiologist also claimed that the mortality rate in Israel from coronary heart disease should not frighten the public: “It is very rare to die from coronary heart disease. I try for ten years to say that every year in the winter in Israel thousands of people die because of overcrowding in hospitals. Because we are not fighting enough, neither obesity nor smoking. ” Professor Levin noted that “one should take care of health at all times.”

Regarding the possibility of imposing a general closure in the coming weeks, he said: “Economic considerations must be taken into account and whoever calls for the closure has not experienced its enormous damage to mental health, economy and society.” He further stated that “there are all kinds of detached people for whom the quarantine does not move. So one must be careful before using this doomsday weapon.”

What is the rate of immunization among the severely ill, Porop Levin replied: “Most people at risk are immunized, what is the risk of a vaccinated person being ill in a difficult situation, and what is the risk of an unvaccinated person being seriously ill? The ratio is five to ten times increased risk among “Those who have not been vaccinated. Those who have been vaccinated lower their risk as much as ten to die or become seriously ill from corona. The vaccine is effective, it is excellent.”

Subsequently, Professor Levin addressed the discussion of whether in a situation where the outbreak of the disease would not be halted by September 1, whether the school year should be opened as planned. He said the right step now would be to vaccinate the students as soon as possible: “The debate is an excuse not to take the necessary steps today, now we are on Friday, how many vaccination points will be open tomorrow the State of Israel, why not open the vaccines and bring the youth? The parents are getting organized now so that it will be possible to start school in a vaccinated classroom on September 1st. ”

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