Elrai Price: “We are completely in the outbreak of polio in the State of Israel”

The head of the public health services at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Sharon Elrai Price, referred this morning (Sunday) in an interview here on Monday to the polio outbreak in Israel, and explained the steps that will be taken in order to stop it.

“We are completely in an outbreak of polio in the State of Israel, it comes from unvaccinated pockets and it spreads. There are probably a lot of children who have been infected. There is no doubt that this is due to a lack of vaccine, the last two years contributed Said Dr. Elrai Price.

“We are looking at the last year at the refusal of the vaccine and there is a certain increase. The effect of the Pike News around the corona vaccines we will see in the coming years. “There was an extensive information campaign by the Jerusalem municipality to reach everyone, but we need to move on to the next stage, a vaccination campaign as it was in 2013,” she added.

“Going towards a vaccination campaign for ages three months to 17, to give vaccines in drops. As long as a child has received the regular vaccination program then he should not receive anything, but between 2005 and 2013 the polio vaccine was not part of the vaccination program, so there are some that need to be supplemented.” Continued.

Dr. Price also referred to the increase in morbidity in Corona: “The morbidity is rising, we very much hope it is an increase after Purim and we will see a decrease, but we are facing holidays and trips abroad and very few things that prevent infection.

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