Add this food before the meal to reduce calorie intake
Did you know that there is a dish that can help you consume fewer calories at a meal? Yes yes, you read that right. It may sound strange, because how can extra fat reduce the amount of calories we put into the body? Well, Dr. Maya Roseman explained.

A study published in the “Nutrition Scientific Monthly” found that if you eat vegetable soup a few minutes before a meal – the feeling of satiety increases to such an extent that the consumption of calories in that meal is reduced by about 30%. The soup is satisfying and contributes to a decrease in calorie consumption due to three reasons:

1. Hot food – causes heating of the “satiety point” in the brain and therefore a reduction in appetite

2. The dietary fiber in the soup – Contribute to the fullness of the stomach and intestines and thus to long satiety

3. The liquids in the soup – fills the stomach and causes a reduction in food consumption.

Soup can reduce calorie consumption (Photo: EngImage)

According to another older study, consuming the soup made them fuller and the meal contained 120 calories less than without vegetable soup. What do you do if you don’t feel like making vegetable soup?

My invention is to take half a cup of crushed tomatoes (in a glass bottle, there are no other ingredients), heat it in the microwave, add another half cup of boiling water, crystalline garlic, sucralose, dill, maybe a teaspoon of dry onion chips, and it’s so satisfying that you can’t move.

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