Purple Rain: Epilepsy Awareness Week has been celebrated around the world

Epilepsy is a neurological disease characterized by seizures. In cases where epilepsy is unbalanced and controlled by medication, it can cause impairment in cognitive and behavioral functioning alongside significant impairment in quality of life, resulting from emotional and social difficulties, and difficulties in functioning in school and employment settings. There are about 80,000 epilepsy patients in Israel (1% of the population), about a quarter of whom are children. About 70% of patients are balanced by medication and live a routine lifestyle.

In order to raise awareness of the disease, reduce social stigmas and related myths, raise awareness of treatments and especially show patients that they are not alone a member of the Paradise in Purple Association to the Central Boutique chain. Together they launched a personalized cake in the shape of a purple heart (flavored with mascarpone and cassis) that was sold at all Central Boutique branches during Awareness Week (20.3-27.3). A postcard was added to the purple heart cake that sheds light on the disease and especially shows epilepsy patients that they are not alone.

Purple personalized heart cake to raise awareness of epilepsy (Photo: Courtesy of Boutique Central)

Paradise in Purple is an independent and apolitical organization. The association was established six years ago when the late Eden Tiberias passed away when she was 18. Eden, suffered from epilepsy for ten years during which she underwent a process of changing perception throughout her life. Early in her life she was very ashamed of the disease, did not tell or share. Eden posted a Facebook post in which she said she suffers from epilepsy and called on others not to be ashamed anymore.The family saw in that post an unwritten will and have since struggled to fulfill Eden’s dream.

Yaniv Tiberias, chairman of the Paradise in Purple Association: “We established the association four years ago and so far we have managed to create many activities that aim to raise awareness of the disease. As part of our activities, we have built a curriculum that will interest students in order to raise awareness of epilepsy. We believe that in order to build a new generation that knows more about epilepsy it must start from seventh to twelfth grades in high schools. We also held a media event “Tel Aviv in purple” in which many artists performed. During the event, dozens of patients shared their personal story and realized that there is nothing to be ashamed of and hide their being ill with the disease.

I believe that the more people are exposed to the disease so, the stigma and shame that accompanies the disease will decrease. “As long as the patient is balanced, it is a disease that can be lived with well and with a high quality of life and therefore, I believe we must teach and educate about epilepsy as much as possible in order to prevent shame among patients and thus save lives.”

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