` – In Italy they have been administered 71,071,465 doses of vaccine against Covid 19, 96% of the total of those delivered. The people who have completed the vaccination course are 34,075,574, 63.09% of the over 12 population.

From the weekly report of the extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid 19 emergency, the general Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, it emerged that there are still 4,426,245 over 50s who have not received any vaccine dose.

In the last week in Italy 3,316,075 doses were administered in 2,803 vaccination points throughout the national territory.

Vaccinated adolescents are increasing

There are 207,850 adolescents aged 12.15, 9.02%, who completed the full.cycle vaccination against covid 19, while, on the other hand, 524,042, 22.73%, were adolescents who received the first vaccination dose.

Furthermore, 45.73% of the 16.19 age group are not vaccinated, that is about a million children.

In 300 thousand Over 80s without dose

As for the band of the older population 6.56% of those over 80 are not yet vaccinated, about 300 thousand people– In the 70.79 age group, 10.93%, 657,727 people, are still without vaccination against Covid 19.

14.87% unvaccinated school staff

14.87% of Italian school staff, 217,870 people, have not yet been vaccinated.

On the other hand, as regards the health personnel, 1.95% of the total, 38,166 units, are missing from the vaccination call.

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