China is facing a wave of serious illness: Shanghai is entering a graded closure
The coefficient of infection in Israel reached 1.43 last week, heights that have not been present since the beginning of the Omicron wave. Although it moderated later and dropped to 1.35, the fact that it is above 1 shows that the plague is still spreading, for the first time since the end of January. The average number verified per day last week was 12,653 – almost double the week before, and the traffic light table is again full in red localities with a score of 10, all in the Jewish sector, probably as a result of Purim celebrations. The increase in patient numbers is mainly attributed to the new variant BA.2. Variant BA.3 has also been located in Israel and the corona commander, Salman Zarqa, recommends that citizens perform an antigen test before Seder gatherings. It is important to remember that the current variants are particularly dangerous for those aged 60 and over, and there are still about 120,000 of them who have not been vaccinated at all. Even among those who were vaccinated, many did not receive the fourth dose, and they are at risk. A new study by Clalit Health Services found 78 percent reduction in mortality In this age group the recipients of the fourth dose, and the government decided on an incentive operation to encourage immunization.

Hospitalization data are also not encouraging. Although the number of hospitalized patients appears to be declining slowly, and the number of patients in critical condition dropped to less than 300 this morning, for the first time since mid-January, the new hospitalized data have clearly stopped declining for at least two weeks. The death toll from Corona in Israel reached 10,464 this morning.

Worldwide, South Korea continues to lead the morbidity chart with about 400,000 verified per day on average. Reports of deaths in the country stand at about 400 per day, the highest numbers since the outbreak of the plague. In recent days, pressure on funerals and crematoria has been rising, and the government has ordered workers there to run them for more hours a day to cope with the load.

Germany, too, is now experiencing epidemic peaks, even higher than the peaks set in February. About 300,000 new patients are diagnosed there daily. The daily death toll there now stands at about 200 to 300 on a weekly average. In the hospitals there is a shortage of staff due to the morbidity and isolation of the exposed, and some of them have had to restrict medical treatments. Despite this all restrictions were removed in Germany except for the obligation of masks in public transport and in nursing homes. In Germany, too, the number of vaccinators has dropped sharply and they are once again considering vaccination.

Also at the top of the morbidity table, France, Vietnam and Italy, which experienced its omicron highs in mid-January. After an impressive decline in numbers towards the beginning of March, it was recorded again and now about 80,000 infected people are diagnosed there per day. A similar moderate increase is also recorded in the number of deaths. From death tolls approaching 400 per day in early February, the numbers have dropped to around 130 per day, and now the graph is rising again. About 65 percent of the population in Italy received an impulse shot, but many received it more than three months ago, and as is well known, the Omicron knows how to infect vaccines with a non-fresh impulse.

China, the country where the corona plague began, is now facing the largest eruption since the original eruption in Wuhan city. For the past two weeks, several thousand cases have been located there every day, numbers that the Chinese have not reported like them since February 2020. So far, the Chinese have responded to every small outbreak in mass tests and closure until the outbreak subsides, And Chinese citizens are already tired of it. In Shanghai, the focus of the current eruption, they initially sculpted Full closure, and today announced Rated closure: Half of the city will be closed for mass inspections, after which the closure will move to the other half.

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