Oscar 2022: What is the disease that led to the incident of violence on stage?

Last night was the Oscars, attended by some of the biggest names in the Hollywood entertainment industry. If you have not yet heard of the affair that shocked the world, here is the story in a nutshell: The presenter, Chris Rock, told as a joke with a reference to the movie “JA Jane,” in which she was played by Demi Moore who shaved her hair. As part of the joke he laughed at hair loss on Jada’s hair, which was not positively received by her protective husband. Will got up, took the stage and slapped the presenter for insulting his wife in the wide forum. Will Smith stood up to defend his ailing wife and beat the presenter at the Oscars:

While the gossip sites are mostly dealing with the violent affair that took place on stage, we thought we would take the issue in a different direction and try to understand – what is the same disease following which Jida Pinkett Smith is losing her hair? To test this, we had a conversation with Dr. Efrat Cohen Salomon, head of the field of dermatology in the Dan-Petah district of Clalit, who revealed all the details about the disease called “alopecia”. Jada Pinkett Smith talks about the disease:

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Dr. Cohen Solomon said that alopecia is actually a group of diseases that impairs the regular functioning of the hair follicles and thus causes them to stop producing new hair. Only a few percent of the 2 percent of us develop into a total alopecia in which all the scalp hair is lost, or a universal alopecia in which the disease affects several different areas of the body.

In contrast to other diseases in which science is usually possible, the main source of the problem has already been found – in alopecia the situation is a little different. Dr. Cohen Solomon explained that when you start to see thinning of hair in any area of ​​the body, especially the scalp, it is worth visiting a dermatologist who will try to decipher what the cause is. A traumatic event manifested in a physical symptom.

You’d be surprised, but Dr. Cohen Solomon noted that about 50% of cases will go away spontaneously within about a year, without any external treatment or intervention. Still, there are several options that can be used to suppress the medical condition. An ointment containing steroids, which will suppress the immune response and help the follicle to recover. “If the condition is more severe, it is possible to use a local steroid injection into the lesion, and in sudden cases, medication can be given orally,” said the expert.

Although the disease is not particularly rare, science has not yet been able to solve it unequivocally. Alopecia is a disease that can strike anyone on a clear day, but may also pass within a certain period of time, and strangely also return – which can explain the differences in hair growth on Jida Pinkett Smith’s head, following which the issue came up for discussion.

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