` – Armed raid inside a resort, in the province of Lecce, where two robbers threatened staff and tourists with a gun. Regardless of the presence of dozens of tourists on the second crowded Sunday in August, two individuals with distorted faces, one of which armed with a pistol, broke into the “Eurovillage Bluesea Club” Resort on Porto Cesareo-Torre Lapillo in the evening. . THE

The resort was full of guests, but the two thugs were not afraid to confront the tourists and guns in hand they turned to the reception staff, threatening them. After having the cash delivered to the cashier, a figure not yet quantified, they fled aboard a large-displacement motorcycle.

The carabinieri of the local station and of the Campi Salentina company arrived on the spot who, after having collected the testimonies of the terrified victims, are trying to verify if the video surveillance cameras may have captured useful details for the purposes of the investigative activity. Investigations are also underway to establish whether there are links with the violent robbery carried out three nights ago in the center of Veglie, where a man was beaten and wounded.

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