Nachman Ash estimates: Will the interns’ outline not be implemented in two days?

The director general of the Ministry of Finance announced today (Wednesday) to the Ministry of Health that he opposes the implementation of an outline of shortening the shifts of medical interns, despite the fact that the agreement regulating the issue has already been signed. Will the internship crisis remain unresolved? So with Anat Davidov on the program “Where is the money?” On 103 fm and responded to things.

In his opening remarks, he said: “There is a permit that should take effect in two days and according to which the shifts of interns in the periphery should be shortened, but the Ministry of Finance did not provide the budget and standards to implement it and there is also opposition from the Medical Association. “Very much, but it can not be done without money. I estimate that in the end it will work out, because the state is committed to a permit that it itself has determined and that must be implemented.

When asked who controls the issue, the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Finance, Professor Ash replied: “We believe we control and should do what we have determined, because this is the right way medically and professionally. But of course like anything that depends on money – the Ministry of Finance has a say. That the money needs to be given and some of it has already been given, so that we can implement the standards and get going. To realize it. ”

If threats on the part of doctors, he said: “I think there is no reason to get up and go, but I have no doubt that they will fight and that is their right. I do not think that resigning is the right way, neither for them nor for the health system, there are other ways and they will have to choose how they will do it. ”

He added: “In the end, there is one government and it has to implement its decisions, so we turned to the Prime Minister’s Office to put order in this thing. The Prime Minister is now starting to be involved, but he has no choice – he will have to be much more involved. “As a government, we decided to go for this move and just carry it out. In this story, it’s all about the money.”

“We are embarking on a polio vaccination operation”

Continuing the conversation, Professor Ash referred to the state of coronary heart disease in the country and stressed: “Yesterday there were 15,000 verified and the increase we saw last week was quite halted. The infection rate is down and is around 1.2, after it was 1.4 – we want it to fall below 1. “Probably in the context of Purim and everything that was around it, but I hope we are on the way down.

On the polio outbreak, he said: “We are facing a challenge and at the beginning of the week we are launching a vaccination operation in Jerusalem – where the first prominent center for the virus was. Oral vaccination is given – 2 drops for every child up to the age of 17 and then we will continue a national operation.”

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