“The Corona Cabinet is not run transparently”: Former White Brush Minister criticizes

“The cabinet is run in a lack of transparency”: Public criticism of the decision.making processes in the management of the corona crisis has been heard for a long time, whether during the reign of Benjamin Netanyahu, or in the private government with blue and white. Now, this criticism is also joined by the cabinet that the prime minister put together Naftali Bennett, And it sounds from an unexpected direction. Former Minister on behalf of Blue and White, Yizhar Shai, Criticized this morning (Monday) the conduct of the cabinet on Gadi Ness’ program on Radio North 104.5FM: “It is forbidden to avoid a locksmith because someone wrote a book about it.”

“The guys in the cabinet got a wake.up call,” he said in his opening remarks. “The reality is complex, and when you are in office you must have a degree of modesty. There are many factors that need to be taken into account.”

“This is a painful point,” Shai said, referring to the outline for the opening of the school year presented by the government last night. “I say with caution, the outline recommended by the prime minister is not a practical outline. They will have to improve and be precise. I do not see a situation where parents check their children every day.” He added: “There are a lot of questions – for example, what happens to parents who do not want to check on the child? Can the child get to school? I think it should be examined in depth.”

“One of the problems of this cabinet, are the statements from the opposition period that bind them,” he added. “Now we need to recalculate the route. I’m not sure the education system can be opened on September 1. What is probably not true is to be caught up in statements that someone once made while sitting in opposition.”

The former Minister of Science expanded: “We need to get out of the statements of yesteryear. Hopefully we will not reach a closure, but if reality does cause us to enter a closure, we must not avoid it just because someone said something, or wrote a book, or thought it was the worst thing.“– Shai continued: “There are more terrible things than locksmithing – the death of the people, the collapse of the health care system. Of various kinds. ”

The Minister of Shaab sharply attacked the conduct of the cabinet, concluding: “There is a problem of public trust here. I call on the ministers and the prime minister – we must clearly announce what the conditions are because of them we will consider entering a closure. Everything should be visible and transparent. “There will be public cooperation. To prevent this, the government must tell and share the data.“

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