How many calories are burned in crossfit training?
Dreaming of a shapely, firm and muscular body? The bad news is that there are no shortcuts. The good news is that there is a workout that will help you achieve clear results in a fairly short amount of time. “CrossFit is a workout that is suitable for everyone, just not for the lazy,” CrossFit coach Eliran Aflalo tells us
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The biggest problem of humans in the age of abundance is that we are used to getting everything and fast, and if possible it will be really easy on the road because sweating is not cool, but there are things that have no shortcuts. It is important to know, once and for all, that in order to achieve a strong, shapely and healthy body – we must work hard. The higher your demand from your body, the harder you will have to work.

Therefore and accordingly, today we will talk about one of the trainings where you really work very hard but the value is worth it. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from CrossFit. Here are some facts that you should know about training that will make you lift wheels, climb ropes and jump over crates and walls like panthers.

  1. Not training for the lazy

    Eliran Aflalo, CrossFit coach and owner of the “willpower” studio, insists that CrossFit is a workout that is suitable for everyone, just not for the lazy. “It’s a matter of desire. For people who really want to work hard and want to make a change. Less for people who want to mark V for doing sports because ‘you have to train’ and ‘you have to do sports’. To train is to come and prepare yourself to get better and work hard and it takes a lot of time and effort Desire, and you have to do sports that can be done in 45 minutes and mark V. Doing sports can be anything like spinning or weights, all training the same. In training you need willpower and great motivation for change. It often requires free time beyond an hour And a lot of investment in technique. “

  2. How Many Calories Are Burned In CrossFit?

    So if you are not lazy and ready for the challenge, know that crossfit burns a lot, says Aflalo and details: “In an hour and a quarter crossfit training on average burns between 700-1200 calories. Effort as well as intense work with heavy weights with a lot of sets and reps in a short time. For example, in training you can lift 40 kilos in 100 reps in a short time of about ten minutes. This makes you a kind of machine. “On itself – which necessarily helps to burn a lot because every time new achievements can be achieved. In most gyms and studios there is no variable so the body practices and does not burn the same and that’s why in most places people get bored and do not come back and at CrossFit people do not get bored and keep persevering.”

  3. How is a crossfit class built?

    “A lesson consists of working on flexibility, stretching and warming up, then comes the part of technique and then comes the main part which is work on times, i.e .: in a short time we need to get as many sets and reps as possible. Sometimes it’s 100 reps in 10 minutes and sometimes as much as possible Short rounds, work on changing stations. “

  4. What is the most important thing to know about training before you start?


    CrossFit (Photo: unsplash)
    Suitable for everyone, just not for the lazy | Photo: unsplash

    “You have to be prepared for the fact that CrossFit is a journey that takes you to the end. You have to know why you’re in, because it’s something you’ve never done. It’s important to know that if you have no goal of change and hard work in advance Why on the other hand, if you find yourself in CrossFit and have fun, the satisfaction is great and accordingly the result is visible. In CrossFit there is everything from everything: riding, swimming, cycling, iron man session, ropes, running, “There is looting, there are subdivisions. There are all the branches within CrossFit. The point is to learn all these branches and specialize in them and it requires you time and not to be lazy. Again emphasizes: it is not for the lazy.”

  5. Women in CrossFit – Stop being afraid

    There is no escape from the question that goes through the minds of quite a few women – is it for them all these weights, ropes and jumps? Aflalo claims that this is a sport that builds a strong body and does not inflate the muscles contrary to popular opinion. “It is important for me to change the stigma that CrossFit inflates women. CrossFit creates a strong and correct body and the whole thing is in nutrition, which is the only one that inflates. You can do CrossFit and maintain a feminine and shapely body.”

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