The new season of “Wedding at First Sight” has just begun and it is already generating a lot of interest, thanks to the colorful characters participating in it. When we say colorful, we mean it in every sense of the word. If you follow what’s going on in the show, you’ve probably noticed Karin Schneiderman’s slightly weird habit – the beautiful contestant who refuses to walk around for a minute without makeup and face. In an episode that aired last Saturday, Karin even revealed to Itamar that she does not go to bed without makeup. In response, the intended groom tried to dissuade her from the matter and explained to her that according to what he read on the net, such a habit could simply hurt her facial skin.

If we put aside for a moment the psychological motives that make Karin act like this (Mrs. Sirisley, what closes?), And try and focus on the health claim presented by Itamar, does sleeping with makeup really harm the skin?

“Unequivocally,” says Dr. Monica Elman, a dermatologist. In fact, leaving make.up and other makeup products on the face may not cause wrinkles but it can certainly lead to clogging of pores, which in practice can encourage the appearance of acne sores, skin infections and even cause pigmentation. “

To avoid all these dubious pleasures, Dr. Widow suggests simply cleaning the skin thoroughly before bed. “It is important to remove makeup with a makeup remover and complete the operation with a facial soap tailored to the skin type. After that, it is recommended to nourish the skin with a good serum and also with a face cream that is suitable for use at night. “

By the way, if you use eye makeup such as mascara, eyeliner or pencil, you should also listen to what Dr. Eyal Raskin, an ophthalmologist at Clalit Sharon Shomron District, says: “It is very important to maintain eyelid hygiene on a daily basis and especially before bed. At the tip of our eyelids there are glands that can become clogged and cause chronic inflammation, and makeup left on the eyelids contributes to their clogging. In practice, women who do not clean the area well may suffer from red eyelids, oily secretions in the lashes, dandruff, itching and a feeling of dryness. In extreme cases, chronic eyelid inflammation can also cause the appearance of barley, which manifests itself in painful, red, swollen eyelids. “

To avoid these, Dr. Raskin suggests thoroughly cleansing the eyelid skin with the help of dedicated wipes or using warm compresses – morning and evening.

“It’s important to understand that keeping your face clean is an integral part of keeping your daily hygiene rules,” says Dr. Widow. By the way, even if you do not wear makeup, it is always worth cleaning the face, because during the day we sweat, are exposed to air pollution and also to radiation damage as a result of the sun or due to exposure to the various screens, “says Dr. Elman in conclusion.

Another word for Karin – you are most beautiful when you are comfortable!

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