“People keep having mass weddings”: The morbidity situation in the corona has skyrocketed in recent weeks, and the role of the corona projector in the Arab sector has returned to staffing by Ayman Saif– In an interview given today (Monday) to Liat Ron on her show on Radio North 104.5FM he said about enforcing the guidelines in the sector: “People continue to hold mass weddings. I am not in favor of stopping events and weddings, but hall owners should also be responsible for the green label.“

“There is no enforcement of corona guidelines in Arab society,” he added. “The percentages in Arab society are not high. The problem of people coming from abroad is that there is a 30 percent morbidity in Arab society. It should be noted that not many tests are done in Arab society, and our situation is like the whole of the State of Israel.“

On the percentage of immunizations among young people, Saif said: “In detectors 12.16 we are talking about 16 percent vaccinated, that is a low percentage. In the other age groups, for example 50 and over, there are 75 immunization holders.“

Vaccine for corona (photographed has nothing to do with what is said in the article) (Photo: Avshalom Shashoni)

“Last year there was a recommendation not to do weddings, this year because of the vaccines the intention is not to ban weddings. We set rules according to a happy character,” he added. “The problem is a problem of enforcement. There must be enforcement in these areas, and the people must also be held accountable. There must also be personal responsibility.” He added: “When having a wedding in a tidy hall, enforce it. The police can come and talk to the hall owner, not bring in police and disperse, there are fines.“

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