Tips for coping with allergy season

Russian doctor Yulia Andrianova, an allergist, told Radio “Sputnik” that pollen that flies from flowering plants is often the cause of an allergic reaction in the warm season.

She pointed out that trees and herbs begin to bloom at certain times, and this is the beginning of the allergy season, and she adds, that allergies have three seasons, the first begins with the opening of trees, the second when weeds grow and the third begins with the emergence of weeds, and this means that the allergy season begins with spring and ends early autumn.

The specialist notes that the severe negative impact of allergies in the body can be avoided by taking antihistamines in a timely manner.

She says, “The problem of seasonal allergies must be resolved at least two weeks before its onset, meaning that you must prepare well for the flowers to open, and for this, antihistamine medications must be taken with a cumulative effect because there are medications that have immediate effect, and there are medications that must be taken before the start of the allergy season. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, take it beforehand.

And she adds, only a specialist doctor can determine the appropriate anti-allergic drug for each patient and advises against practicing self-treatment because this is dangerous to life.

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