“The Outline Formulated for Schools – Disaster”: The rapid and home corona tests were supposed to be particularly lined up in the shadow of the significant increase in morbidity in recent weeks, however, the chairman of the Laboratory Workers Union, Esther Admon She told Liat Ron on Radio North 104.5 this morning (Tuesday): It does not replace laboratory tests. “

“I’m very worried,” she continued. “There is a sense of big mess, the amount of positives just goes up and it’s sad. Home tests are not a true measure they are just utilities. The state must maintain the quality of the tests because their reliability is not enough. The problem is who carried the virus, there are 40 percent wrong answers. “If a positive person comes out wrong, I’m not bothered. The problem is a person who came out negative and sure does not have a corona and actually spreads the virus without knowing it.”

“All the tests at home are a disaster at all, it’s just a test,” Admon attacked. “My granddaughter and it was not easy. It’s just a political idea, the reliability of the tests is maybe 60 percent.”

“If we want to live alongside the corona in freedom and routine, and that is what was agreed in the health committee headed by MK Efrat Reiten“Give freedom and routine and perform tests according to the public health order that will be a primary laboratory that will oversee the procedure,” she added. “The people who perform the rapid tests were trained within three hours compared to professional laboratory workers.”

What do you recommend for the school outline?
“Open complexes quickly with a professional who will monitor with quality control all the devices every day, and inspect before getting answers. At least a professional or lab that can locate the regulations that will cause incorrect answers and in the proposed devices we will not get the right result but we will control positively.
Testing is the most important process, go to the checkout, within 12 hours there is an answer at most. The laboratories were streamlined with a neat and computerized system with 100 percent reliability. I suggest to parents not to rely on the tests and go to the health funds. “

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