In the shadow of the continuing rise in morbidity, the Corona Cabinet will convene tonight (Wednesday) for a discussion that will deal with tightening restrictions. The energy server Karin Elharar She addressed this in an interview with Anat Davidov on the program “Where is the money?” On 103FM radio and said the public can stop the rise in morbidity: “Everyone should just go get vaccinated and put on masks,” she explained.

She went on to elaborate: “There are things the government needs to do, but there is something the public itself can do. Israel is trying to walk between the drops, and we do not want to reach a closure.” The minister said that “the public will not respond to the closure and it will be just plain, we need to find the golden path, this disease is deceptive.“

The energy minister added that the government wanted the public to obey the instructions: “They are very clear. Before enforcement, there should be personal responsibility. Ultimately the one who will pay the price is not the policeman, but his friend who wanted to enter the mall without a mask.” Elharar referred to the enforcement issue and said: “There can be an insane amount of cops, but I do not want to see a policeman handcuff someone without a mask. Health is ours. Do not wait to see a policeman or inspector who wakes you up, think about it first yourself.”

When asked if the country is on the way to another closure, the minister replied: “Israel is trying to walk between the drops, we do not want to reach a closure. I think the public will not respond to the closure either and it will be just completely.” She added: “We need to find the golden path, the intermediate path. This disease is deceptive, sometimes when it seems to us that everything is behind us suddenly another wave comes and washes everyone away.”

“The government is sitting every day to find the right outline, and as soon as it is delivered,” the energy minister continued, noting that at this stage “there is no clear outline. The easiest thing to say is ‘let’s do a closure’ And on the other hand, it allows people to live. ”

In the continuation of the interview, the Minister of Energy referred to the severe climate report issued by the UN on the climate crisis, in which he warned yesterday against rising temperatures in the Middle East by 20% percent of the world average in the coming years. He also warned of dramatic ecological differences. “There is NIS 2.4 billion to be invested in renewable energies in the next decade, which is a very significant area that was not there before and we are starting now.” The minister noted that in Israel there is talk of a very significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions: “Yesterday a report came out talking about methane, which is mainly found in garbage. I hope that the Ministry of Environmental Protection will wake up in this matter and handle garbage properly.“

Finally, it was asked whether the state budget might not go through a vote in the Knesset, since the joint list announced that it would not vote for it, a situation in which any two defectors from the coalition could overthrow the government. The minister said: “I think this budget needs to go through, I understand it will go through. Everyone is trying to pull the rope in their direction. I want to remind all those elected officials who sent us to do good, to pass a budget so that there will be an operating plan for the state.” Elharar concluded: “I do not suggest to any of them to try to show the public that he is doing muscle, because in the end he will be left with nothing, he and the public that sent him.“

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