This is how you will have an efficient and healthy nap

Studies that have come out in recent years suggest that a nap contributes to health. Many benefits are attributed to it, including reducing fatigue, increasing alertness and improving mood, as well as improving overall functioning. The evidence that has accumulated in recent years has even led some companies, especially in the high-tech field, to incorporate high-tech rooms in their offices for the benefit of employees who feel they need a short mid-day high, or as it is commonly called – Power Nap (Power Nap).


Many researchers have focused mainly on the ability of the IQ to improve cognitive function. Therefore, there are quite a few studies on the subject, including a study published in 2016 that showed that a 30-90 minute nap in adults can improve thinking and memory – but a nap longer than an hour and a half May harm them.

But improving brain function is not the only benefit of nap. It turns out that it can also contribute to cardiovascular health. A study published in late 2019 in the medical journal BMJ Heart Find a link between a nap and a reduced risk of cardiovascular problems. People who did CPC once or twice a week were at lower risk of developing cardiovascular complications.

But it turns out that not all afternoons are created equal – and in fact, to enjoy the health benefits of shenanigans, you should stick to a few important rules. So how do you organize a healthy and good lunch for yourself? Here are some tips based on findings from various studies:

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Short and sweet

It’s not just Power-Nap that has become a common phrase in recent years. Power Nap means a short nap that gives an energetic boost to those who need it in the middle of the day. And there is a reason why this is becoming a trend – various studies have found that the most effective nap should be short – between 15 and 30 minutes in total. According to the Mayo Clinic website, the longer the afternoon nap, the more sleepy you will be when you get up.

Timing is everything

The nap has a bad reputation, mainly because it can lead to sleep problems (at night). But if you make sure to schedule the nap earlier in the day, it will not interfere with your sleep at night. It is usually advisable not to do a nap after three in the afternoon and it should be after you have had lunch. Many of us experience “stress reduction” after lunch so Power Nap can definitely fit.


Make sure the environment is quiet and dark

Studies show that lighting and noise affect not only your ability to fall asleep, but also the quality of sleep. So if you want to make sure your short haircut is helpful, it is important that you do it in a suitable environment. This also includes getting away from your computer and putting your mobile phone on silent mode. Choose a quiet room and darken it. If you have trouble finding a dark enough room, use blindfold And if you have trouble finding quiet, use earplugs (headphones that play soothing music can also help).

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Drink coffee before

Afraid you will wake up tired from lunch? Do not worry, there is a solution – drink a cup of coffee before. According to the CDC website (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US), because it takes caffeine 30 minutes to act, drinking coffee before bedtime will lead to caffeine starting to act when you wake up. And do not forget to wash your face!

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