Everyone’s talking about breakfast, but hey – did not you forget someone? Lunch is a necessary break to extract bones and change the atmosphere. Now the question is just when? Studies are trying to help

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Come to think of it, lunch is a bit like the sandwich kid in the family: not too high expectations like breakfast and not as light and cool as dinner. She’s stuck somewhere in the middle of the day, but !! We could not really exist without it because it is a necessary break during the day. It gives us the opportunity to revive ourselves and raise our energy levels and on the way also changes us a bit of scenery, assuming you are not one of those left to eat in front of the computer (we very much hope so at least!).

Lunch is an opportunity to get up from chores, go out with colleagues outside the office or get up from the study at home for the benefit of the living room for example – everyone and his choices. The right question is when is the best time to eat it?

“There are many opinions about the ideal time to wait between meals,” dietitian Sydney Green tells Eat This, Not That !. “Studies have examined the frequency of meals and their relationship to weight loss, as well as their impact on heart health and diabetes, and no one seems to have landed on one specific recommendation.” However, Green recommends waiting 3.5 hours between meals because she claims this is the amount of time the body needs to digest the food.

And what about the time? Well, it already largely depends on when you ate your breakfast. The big rule of thumb is: When you are hungry. “Fortunately, this is what snacks are for. Northwestern medicine recommends combining protein and carbohydrates to relieve hunger by lunch. Recommended snacks are, for example, cottage cheese and gamba or apple, or alternatively vegetables topped with chickpeas, but not satiety. So much so that you feel heavy and tired, “Green recommends.

But in the end, it is the hunger that sets and less the clock. “I advise my clients to pay attention to hunger and hints that the body signals, in addition to energy, mood and other signs of when and how much to eat,” shares nutritionist Cynthia Sass, emphasizing: “I believe it is better to have a mild to moderate hunger when you eat –

And to sum up: the best time is when breakfast feels like a distant memory and the body begins to signal to you classic signs of hunger that it is time to eat. And if you are still good at meeting hours and goals – try to follow these guidelines: When to eat each meal a day

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