The liver is an essential organ that takes part in important functions in the body that are related to, among other things, the blood system and metabolism in the body. The liver is after filtering the blood, removing toxic substances, cleansing the blood of bacteria and more. In addition, the liver is a particularly significant organ for metabolism and the breakdown of nutrients that come from the food we eat and it among other things regulates the level of glucose in the blood and the level of proteins in the blood.

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If the liver is damaged, it is difficult to compensate for its many functions by therapeutic means and therefore liver damage can in many cases lead to death. Which is a good enough reason to take good care of our liver, because it is not replaceable. The problem is that many can cause damage to their liver, without even being aware of it. So what mistakes do you make that hurt your liver? And how can they be fixed?

Consume poor nutrition

As mentioned, the liver is important for breaking down the food we eat and eliminating toxins. So the more processed foods you consume, which contain chemicals, are high in sodium, saturated and fried, the harder you process your liver. And this of course can impair his functioning. Try to consume a healthier diet, with as little processed food as possible and stumble upon the work of your liver.

Less processed foods that contain a lot of sodium | Photo: shutterstock

Drink a lot of alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption can significantly damage the liver. This is because the process of breaking down alcohol takes place in the liver, so excessive consumption makes it work harder and if done consistently, its function can be significantly impaired. One of the consequences of liver damage is cirrhosis of the liver, which manifests itself in damage to liver tissue and their replacement by scar tissue, which impairs blood flow to the liver and can therefore also impair liver function. It is important to consume alcohol in moderation; The common recommendation among healthy adults is to consume up to one alcoholic beverage per day for women and up to two alcoholic beverages per day for men. Excessive consumption is usually defined as the consumption of eight or more alcoholic beverages for women and 15 beverages for men per week.

Exposed to unprotected chemicals

Because the liver is responsible for cleansing toxins from the body, prolonged exposure to unprotected chemicals can cause the liver to strain more and eventually can also harm it. When you paint the apartment or use a spray that contains pesticides, you should use a mask so that you do not breathe the chemicals in them. This recommendation is especially important for people who work in work environments that include exposure to harmful chemicals. In addition, it is important to thoroughly clean fruits and vegetables to remove pesticide residues.

Guy drinking beer (Photo: shutterstock By Asier Romero)
Do not overdo it with the beers | Photo: shutterstock By Asier Romero

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You have not been tested for hepatitis C

Hepatitis C, or viral hepatitis, is a disease that without treatment can lead to significant damage to the liver. Infection with the hepatitis C virus can occur due to exposure to the blood of a person carrying the virus, which can occur when drugs are injected using a contaminated needle or the use of medical equipment that has been disinfected. The problem with hepatitis C is that symptoms usually do not appear, so without a test, it is difficult to diagnose. Symptoms that can occur include “weakness, fever, nausea and tenderness in the upper right side of the abdomen, where the liver is located. It is important to be vigilant even when you go to get a tattoo or make a piercing; make sure the needles are new and all equipment used is new and / or fully disinfected. / Piercings are performed in a hygienic and sterile environment.

A woman doing a tattoo (illustration: Microgen, shutterstock)
Make sure everything is done in a sterile and hygienic environment | Illustration: Microgen, shutterstock

Not active enough

Exercise can help reduce liver damage in people with non-alcoholic fatty liver. And considering that exercise contributes to health in general as well, it is of course advisable to incorporate it into your life, even if you do not suffer from fatty liver. The prevailing recommendation is 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 minutes per week of high-intensity exercise. You should combine aerobic exercise with strength training.

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