What do the feet say about our personality?  Much

The theory of diagnosis and healing through the feet is an age-old wisdom. In the present age, we are all familiar with the idea that the feet represent the organs of the body, but did you know that our behavior patterns, beliefs and worldview are also reflected in the feet? You will not believe what your feet are saying about you.


The feet tell the story of our lives and testify to all the voices within us, among them amplifying and strengthening voices as well as voices diminishing and lowering. What voices are you listening to? One look at your feet will reveal the answer.

The feet and especially the ten toes represent the thoughts that exist within us. They show us our emotional interpretation of the thoughts on which we live reality. When there are structural changes and deformity in the toes, this is actually the body’s way of revealing to us that there are “distorted” thoughts about ourselves within us, thoughts that come from misinterpretation, from past experiences that created an imbalance in us, and are currently expressed as structural change in the feet. These changes, beyond causing us pain in our legs and even back, and preventing us from living life the way we would like, also imply crashes, lack of fulfillment and fulfillment in life.

So what do our feet tell us? Some points to help you decipher the hints that your feet scatter:

  1. fear – Pain in the feet usually indicates a fear of progression. Fear of realizing our aspirations and desires is represented in the form of a failure in walking that is expressed in pain and distortion. If you have noticed a deformity in the foot, a collapse of the comb bones (pain in the foot pad), ask yourself what scares you? What progress is threatening you?
  2. Self-flagellation – When the big toe leans inwards towards the rest of the toes, it implies that there is a thought or belief within us that we have erred in its interpretation, which is expressed in the bending of the spine. Non-benevolent thought creates in us an internal flogging and causes an imbalance that shakes our world.
  3. Inflexibility – When the big toe is bent and the joint is stiff and inflexible, this is the body’s way of implying that we are judgmental towards ourselves and the environment. The inflexibility in the body also expresses mental inflexibility, difficulty coping with changes and the ability to change and innovate.
  4. overload – The protruding toe hints to us that we feel we are “carrying the world on our backs”. The emotional load is expressed in the bending of the big toe, which reveals to us an over-responsibility and a desire to control everything that happens. It is important to remember that the joint of the big toe reflects the c7 bone, the rotating joint that holds the head. When the joint in the big toe begins to bend it tells of a narrow point of view, the range of possibilities is small, and of the balance responsibility that like a heavy travel bag bends the neck and spine thus preventing us from walking upright and feeling “worthy”.
  5. Limiting thoughts – A structural change in a prominent toe invites us to find an inhibiting thought that locks us in with inner rigidity. This thought asks that we observe it, illuminate it, and allow another new interpretation, to be revealed. When we discover the truth, we will understand that we have the opportunity to change and change moment by moment, that the right to choose a new interpretation is in our hands.

Is it possible to change?

Having understood the conscious and emotional representation of the structural changes in the feet, we can now begin to work with them.

Throughout life we ​​are given endless opportunities to change our interpretation, but if we continue to ignore, the body will continue to talk to us and the manifestation of this interpretation will appear in the feet and especially in the joints of the feet, representing our developmental flexibility, resilience and balance between thoughts and feelings.

The solutions, just like the problems, are given in three layers:

On the level of consciousness: we have an internal dialogue with the voices that exist in us and with the voices that are expressed from the world outside us. We will look at these voices and understand what they are telling. We will begin to understand that they too are just thoughts, only voices, not “truth” and we will begin to replace them with new, benevolent thoughts and voices.

On the emotional level: we will contain the emotions, give them space and recognition and respond to them in a containing and loving parental voice in order to create a balance within us. Remember, there is no moment that does not serve us and there is no emotion that we want to ignore. All emotions are important and necessary for our development.

On the physical level: do physical activities related to the body such as massaging and flexing the joints on a regular basis, using silicone jumpers to treat pain and structural changes of the feet that create proper separation and adjusting the toes to a straight position, walking on the sea sand with bare feet and more.

I promise you that the next time you look at your feet, you will no longer be able to ignore what they are saying. You will see all the “bends” and changes that ask you to re-examine your path, refine it and improve it and stand up straight within them. Do not ignore the pains in the feet as they will only intensify. If you sit for a moment and understand what their message is to you you will be able to make a tremendous change in your life and then there will be no more need for these pains as the message has been conveyed. Try, what do you have to lose? Walking comfortably for the sake of life, is not a privilege, it is a basic right that we must not give up!

* The author Meital Lahav is directing and restoring gait and soul

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