Signs of psychological stress, most notably hair loss

A large number of people face a big problem with hair loss, as many researches and studies have proven that hair loss is the result of exposure to some psychological stress, but it is difficult for many to explain this condition or know its details or signs.

Psychological stress greatly affects the person, and signs may appear on the human body, and the most prominent of these signs is excessive hair loss, according to the “Brightside” website.

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Reports revealed that psychological disorders lead to stopping hair growth and weakening of its follicles, and you may suffer from increased hair loss as a result of a problem that occurred with you 6 to 12 weeks ago, and psychological stress may cause the appearance of red spots around the mouth, and it may be the result of negative emotional effects that made your body secrete Some chemicals that change the way it reacts and controls its other functions.

Psychological stress also causes the involuntary closure and opening of the eye, and in some cases the involuntary movement of the eye resulting from psychological stress continues for weeks or months.

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