Where can I get fast corona tests? The government decided last weekend that starting this week, children between the ages of 3 and 12, who cannot be vaccinated, will be required to present a negative corona test at the entrance to the gatherings according to the expanded green label outline. The tests, which will be funded indefinitely by the state, will be deployed by MDA at 150 different sites across the country starting this coming Wednesday.

As part of the government’s decision to expand the green label, children’s parents will be required to present a negative corona test valid 24 hours before arriving at the gathering center, including: cultural and sports events, hotels, gyms, restaurants, cafes, bars, academic institutions, prayer rooms and conferences.

MDA announced today (Sunday) its preparations for the deployment of the test complexes, which will be located in the major cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Yafo and Haifa in several centers in each city, as well as in other places. In the Jaffa port, and at the MDA station in the east of the city at 60 Yigal Alon Street. MDA at 10 Yitzhak Sadeh Street.

For operating hours and all other test sites – click here

Frequently Asked Questions

And what about establishments that do not operate within the green label?

The Cabinet also made decisions on the issue of the purple mark, and decided to apply it in malls and shops, by limiting occupancy by one person per seven meters. It was decided to exclude stores up to one hundred meters in size, and it was determined that the purple mark would not be applied to them. It was determined that the character will also be applied in workplaces where audience reception takes place.

The date of entry into force of the extended purple mark will be this coming Monday, subject to the approval of regulations in the government, and the manner of its implementation will be determined after coordination between the Ministries of Finance, Health and Justice, after which it will be approved by cabinet ministers.

How will the parents receive the tests?

The Ministry of Education estimates that about 2.1 million students will perform antigen tests. Currently, the ministry intends to “disperse” the tests through the authorities so that parents can collect them in schools on August 29-26.

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