` – In the case of Saman Abbas, the missing Pakistani girl from Novellara and that investigators believe she was killed after opposing an arranged marriage in her country, “Islam has nothing to do with it”, and it is “evident that there were flaws in the intervention protocol and we must intervene immediately “- This was stated by Yassine Lafram, a native of Casablanca, at the helm of UCOII, the Union of Islamic Communities of Italy, in an interview with `-

“I believe that this tragic story – he adds – should make us reflect on the complexity of the layers that compose it- The continuous search for culprits on the social level on which to place the blame does not help to avoid new similar cases- Let’s think first of all about who had the duty to monitor and safeguard Saman, especially after complaints- Then there is a broader responsibility shared on our society and here everyone has the duty to reflect on how best to increase their action so that there are no more Saman “-

While waiting to establish with certainty what happened to Saman, the Islamic community in Italy immediately reacted with disdain to the atrocious news that emerged from the investigation- Lafram has decided to launch a fatwa against forced marriages in Islam- The fatwa is a religious opinion that all believers are obliged to observe and which often intervenes in cases deemed to be of absolute gravity, such as the Saman affair-

The story struck everyone for the injustice and atrocities that are emerging day after day- What idea did you get?

“We continue to follow, as from the first day, the updates on the investigations – says the president of UCOII – What unfortunately seems to have happened so far, although the investigators have not yet defined the murder with certainty, it is atrocious just to think about it- her, to that girl who wanted to live her life and her broken future- Then many recent episodes of violence against young and old women perpetrated by men in general come to mind and I believe that the whole society should think again, understand what is happening “-

UCOII President Yassine Lafram

The UCOII has decided to intervene harshly against forced marriages in Islam with a fatwa, what is its meaning and what value does it have for a Muslim believer?

“The fatwa, which we issued in consultation with the Italian Islamic Association of Imams and Religious Guides in Italy, is a religious opinion that has its foundations in the sacred texts of the Koran and in the prophetic tradition of Islam- It is issued because on forced marriages we admit no ambiguity: Islam does not conceive of this tribal custom and considers women and men free to choose equally “-

In your opinion, Saman’s can be considered an isolated case in Italy or do you think the phenomenon is much more widespread?

“We cannot speak of isolated cases, as within some families it is possible that some retrograde cultural residues persist that have nothing to do with religion – continues Yassine Lafram – However, in terms of frequency, there are no major In any case we are in the context of gender violence, but it seems that this time we do not want to talk about femicides in which this case must certainly be included “-

Ucooi talks about femicide —

“We are facing a real femicide, which tries – says Lafram – to take a religious guise without success, dictated by the patriarchal context, and by the culture of male possession over women, which is transversal to all cultures- treated as if it were a series B femicide, as if to say that we cannot consider Saman equal to any of her native peers, even when she is dead- We cannot and must not betray her twice “-

What is the value that is given to the female figure in the Islamic world today?

“In every country where Islam is practiced or where Islam is the main religion, there may be different conceptions, some detrimental to women’s rights- Looking at the essence of our religious faith, a woman is equal to a man, in a framework of complementarity, and has its own civil, economic and juridical rights “-

Do you believe that the new generations can represent a turning point against radicalization and in carrying forward the true values ​​of Islam?

“On this we need to do more certain- The younger generations are our present and future and we must invest in them and protect them – concludes Yassine Lafram – this protection must be conceived at 360 degrees- In religious matters, we need to facilitate the spaces of aggregation of Muslims, recognizing them and giving them the necessary tools to be able to continue the commitment, which is still carried out today at the local level, for the teaching of authentic Islam, far from the threats that threaten the web “-

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