In the shadow of the increase in corona morbidity, the Ministry of Health announced tonight (Sunday) the series of new restrictions that will take effect this coming Sunday. As part of the measures approved by the government last week, the “green mark” will be expanded, while the “purple mark” will be re.applied in public places, and additional crowd restrictions will apply.

The “purple mark” (occupied by one person per 7 square meters, under the responsibility of the business owner) will be operated in malls, shopping centers, shops (stores up to 100 square meters will be excluded and no purple mark will be activated), areas where public reception takes place. Yes, places where the “purple character” will apply will be required to control their territory with explanations of the guidelines, and to appoint a Corona commissioner on their behalf.

The “Green Character” will be used for cultural and sports events, conferences and exhibitions, hotels, gyms and studios, pools and country clubs, prayer houses for over 50 people, halls and event gardens, festivals, restaurants, bars, dining rooms and cafes. In addition, the government will promote a gathering limit in halls and event gardens: 500 people in an open space and 400 people in a closed space.

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