A resident of Ramat Gan documented how rats roamed on open food products at a branch in the “Cherry Blossom” chain in the city. The resident claimed that the store promised that the issue would be addressed, but he said, this was repeated.

He said he was first exposed to the case in July, when he spotted a patient running around the store and his nose alerted the branch. In August he came across another accident, and last Thursday he watched two rats and a cockroach in the store, and alerted as well. According to him, after the last time he warned, curtains were installed in the store that hide what was happening at the place from passers-by on the street. “I saw this thing and I wanted to vomit,” he told Walla !.

The Cherry Sparkling Network told Walla! “When we were exposed to the severe case, an exterminator was immediately sent to the branch and the exposed goods in the branch were destroyed. The building is old and crumbling, and pests manage to enter through holes through city streets into the store. “The health of our customers and the quality of the products. We monitor the sanitation in the branches on a daily basis, and try to overcome any challenge of maintaining organic goods without the use of substances that are harmful to humans.”

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