Dramatic increase in demand for rapid corona testing in the Arab sector

The percentage of immunizations in Arab society is considered low compared to other sectors. Now, following the expansion of the green mark and the increase in morbidity, Sofia’s rapid corona tests have also come into use in dozens of localities in Arab society, in order to enable a routine of life as much as possible alongside the disease. The company from the Remipharm Group has opened dozens of stations and speed testing complexes, and according to the company, they “created a hundreds of percent increase in the demand for fast corona tests in Arab society.”


These are fast corona tests, FDA approved and the Ministry of Health, from which an immediate answer can be obtained in up to 15 minutes. Sofia’s technology has been operating successfully for several months in the general population as part of a very extensive infrastructure of dozens of paid stations and test stations.

Prior to the opening of the stations, the company deployed devices that are each capable of performing 100 tests per hour. At the same time, Rimipharm trained medical staff from the Arab company to operate the mobile devices. The localities where the rapid tests are carried out include Tira, Taibeh, Kfar Qassem, Kafr Qara, Umm al-Fahm, Jaljulia, Qalansawa, the southern triangle localities and more. In addition, positions were also established in the Bedouin diaspora in the Negev, and later additional positions will be established as needed.


“Result in hand in a quarter of an hour”

Sagi Yaniv, marketing and sales manager at Sofia Israel of the Remipharm Group, noted that the company receives “thousands of inquiries from parents in Arab society who are looking for an accessible solution near home.” He adds that following the establishment of the positions in the Arab localities, “they will be able to do a quick check and get the result in hand a few minutes later.” The move is being made thanks to medical centers and medical services companies active in Arab society in most parts of the country. Yaniv added that the company is currently working to find more partners in Jerusalem and the Arab villages in the Golan Heights.

It is important to note that these days the company is in the process of approving with the Ministry of Health to make the tests accessible in pharmacies and pharma chains. Sofia’s rapid antigen tests are intended for children, teenagers and adults who have not yet been vaccinated and will cost about NIS 100-69, mainly for the benefit of leisure culture and sports. The negative result can be displayed at the entrance to any place that operates according to the regulations of the happy character, the green character, at the entrance to weddings, cultural event, hotels, restaurants, workplaces or any other use like private analysis or large family reunion.

This is a test that became the official supplier of the Ministry of Health even in the midst of the epidemic and has already gained experience of hundreds of thousands of tests in Israel and tens of millions of tests worldwide, regardless of laboratory or sample transport. The test has an accuracy of 96.7% sensitivity, 100% specificity and it also identifies all the alarming variants that have developed including the Delta strain.

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