If you manage to maintain a shapely figure with zero effort, pay attention to this – a new study puts your finger on the critical times in life when the metabolic rate slows down more and more, and requires you to start working hard

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We all know those who no matter what and how much they eat, they will always stay in a shapely shape that allows them to have fun and enjoy without paying the bill. Is there ever resilience? It turns out that time also has its own rhythm and what works smoothly at a certain age, starts to creak at other times in life. New research outlines in detail the internal changes, as they occur in the body according to the life cycle.


The researchers collected huge data on about 6,000 people from 95 countries, in all age ranges, from 8.day.old babies to 95.year.old adults. Daily urine tests were taken from all participants, to keep track of the daily amount of energy each participant expended. The technique the researchers used examined not only the amount of calories needed to stay alive, but actually measured the amount of energy burned each day so that the data could be weighted by age and the changes seen step by step.

According to the study, the metabolic rate reaches a peak in early life and from there there is a gradual decrease throughout adolescence to middle age. By age 20 the rate slows down by 3%, remains fairly stable over the years until age 50 and from then on there is a dramatic decrease of 0.7 per day until age 90. By comparison a one year old child burns calories around 50 percent more than an adult relative to body size.

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One of the salient data that emerges in the study is that there is no direct connection between the external processes we go through over the years such as physiological changes in adolescence or menopause. So if on a clear day you stand on the weight and start to get stressed, your inner rhythm may have gotten some twist and it is time to focus on other directions to maintain the weight.

Metabolic rate – or simply the number of calories the body burns at rest, refers to the proper maintenance of the body, which means that if you gained from the no.man’s land or genetics of a father or mother at a high rate, you are more naturally full of energy and need to count every meal and calorie. Alongside this there are quite a few ways to increase the pace ranging from proper nutrition like eating protein and sticking to drinking water throughout the day, exercising and intense training to ensuring good sleep at night.

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