Criticism of the order that bypassed the Minister of Education: “The Speaker prevents a debate in the Knesset”

Director General of the Ministry of Health, Professor Nachman Ash This morning (Wednesday), with the approval of the ombudsman, he signed an order allowing students to be vaccinated against the corona virus in schools during school hours. In doing so, the order circumvents the authority of the Minister of Education Yifat Shasha Bitton And will allow vaccinations to be given despite her opposition. More Tomer Naor Speaking on the program of Aryeh Eldad and Yariv Oppenheimer on 103FM radio, the head of the legal division of the Movement for Power of Government spoke about it and expressed his opposition: “They are making a completely indirect move. –

“Will I connect to what Israel and Afghanistan have in common?” Advocate Naor said his remarks and explained: “Both Israel and Afghanistan have been part of the British Empire in the past. why is it important? “Because in Israel there is still the Mandatory Public Health Ordinance from 1940 and in this ordinance the ombudsman wants to use it to circumvent the state health law and Minister Shasha Bitton and give extensive powers to the Minister of Health.”

Advocate Naor added that the move also bypasses the Education Act which includes a list of existing vaccines approved for use within schools, with the exception of Corona: “Instead of the Knesset amending the law transparently and openly in public hearings, they are making a completely indirect move. “The ombudsman goes, writes a special order and bases authority on it. I went in to read the Mandatory Clerks Ordinance, there are mentions of things and things we have not seen in years, that we will understand how irrelevant it is to anything.” He further stated that “by virtue of this he gives powers to the Minister of Health and everything to prevent a public debate in the Knesset, this is our problem.”

Asked whether, in principle, in a case where the Minister of Education is unwilling to introduce vaccines to schools, whether the Minister of Health should have more authority in this matter, Naor replied that “Israel has sovereignty: the public through the Knesset sets policy. We have never interfered in policy, we say. “Someone is supposed to set a policy. The legislature sat down in 1994 and established a list of vaccines in the state health law that is updated from time to time. Vaccines have been added in recent years.

In addition, we were asked what the position of the Movement for the Quality of Government is about imposing sanctions against those who refuse vaccinations, in order to save lives during the epidemic. Advocate Naor replied: “We are not at these points, do not get into these things. I can say my personal opinion, I am immunized. ”

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