“Diet after the holidays” actually leads to weight gain
A study conducted in different countries around the world found unsurprisingly that during the holidays there is a significant increase in weight. In Germany, Japan and the USA people tend to gain weight during the Christmas period, in Japan they gain weight during the “golden week”, in Germany during the Easter holiday, and in the USA during the Thanksgiving period.Jewish culture abounds in holidays throughout the year that include invested holiday meals laden with the best foods and calories. The common “solution” that many have adopted for the problem of weight gain during the holidays, is to decide already during the holiday – “After the holidays I will start a diet”. Ironically, the very decision to go on a diet after the holidays, leads to even more overeating during the holiday.

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The farewell party effect

A study found that those people who plan to diet in the near future, of the “post-holiday diet” type, from the moment they make that decision are Start eating even more. Excessive eating is meant to consciously or unconsciously compensate for everything they know they are going to miss after the holidays are over.

We celebrate with the food, literally, as long as we have the opportunity to do so. Because right after the holidays, the “punishment” we imposed on ourselves will begin, in the form of a boring and frustrating diet. So if it is better not to plan the diet after, how can one deal with holiday meals with minimal harm? The recommendation is to invest in balanced and enjoyable eating during the holiday. Yes, also fun. Here are some techniques that will help you enjoy your meals, eat in balanced amounts and not gain weight:

Be attentive to your hunger levels

Many times we are so busy with holiday preparations and arrangements that we skip meals and get to holiday meals, not just hungry, but hungry. In this situation it is difficult for us to eat in a balanced way and there is an onslaught on the food. You may find yourself consuming large amounts quickly, in order to satisfy your hunger. It is important to eat well even before the holiday meals, and to avoid reaching high levels of hunger.

Be attentive to the feeling of satiety as well

Like hunger, the feeling of satiety comes in stages and it is important to be connected and attentive to it. Eat while listening to the body. Are you starting to feel full and your stomach is full and comfortable? It’s time to stop eating. Continuing to eat it will cause feelings of heaviness and discomfort, in addition to all the extra calories you will put into your body.

Enjoy every bite

Eat slowly, without distractions, enjoy every bite, experience and feel the flavors and textures of the various foods. Allow yourself to enjoy eating. In addition to enjoying more, you will also save yourself unnecessary calories, because when you chew slowly, thoroughly, in smaller bites and experience the rainbow of flavors and textures with pleasure, you also feel seventy more than smaller amounts.

Release the fear of missing out

Once you eat in a balanced, enjoyable way and in amounts that are comfortable for the body, knowing that you are not starting a diet after the holidays, it allows you to release the fear of missing out and neutralizes thoughts like: “I have to taste everything”, “Then I will not have”, or “I will not Want to miss “,” I deserve it too, so I will continue to eat. “If this thought still creeps into your head from an old habit, focus on the following idea:” If I’m already seven, I lose nothing. To continue eating when I am full is not to respect my body. ”

Remember the holiday

Sometimes we tend to forget that the meals and delicacies are part of the holiday and the tradition, and we do enjoy them, but in themselves the meals are not the essence of the holiday. Accordingly our attention should not be focused solely on food. Focus on what the holiday symbolizes for you, freedom, freedom, quality time with your loved ones. Strive for the holiday to have greater significance. Try to enjoy it in a variety of ways. This will save you unnecessary fussing over food, and probably even a few extra pounds.

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