According to data from the Ministry of Health, the number of verifications to the Corona virus this week has reached a peak in the current wave. In the last day, about 7,832 people have been diagnosed with the virus, with the number of serious patients standing at 559 people. Are we expected to go into quarantine on holidays? professor Hezi Levy, The director of Barzilai Hospital and the former director general of the Ministry of Health spoke about this this morning (Wednesday) with Ben Mercury andRoni Bar.On, In their program on 103FM radio, responding: “The number of patients is rising”, he noted, adding: “We are stable for about four days in terms of the number of seriously ill patients hospitalized, it is an encouraging sign.

According to him, along with the public immunization in the third dose, the restrictions on gathering in the public space must be increased in order to reduce the infection: “Restrictions must be observed, the situation must be strictly monitored and the public must be called to be vaccinated.” He added: “If we preach about the vaccine and say it is so important to the youth, the children at school and we can not vaccinate them? I do not understand that. It is better for the children to be at home in isolation?”.

When asked if, in view of the current amount of illness, there is a health risk to the public in Israel, Professor Levy replied: “No, I hope not for our lives. If I look at hospitals, then we opened another ward yesterday, about 71 hospitalized. “Every day. 7,800 patients are verified today, which is quite a bit, it is less than yesterday, but it is still not a trend.” Professor Levy referred to the number of difficult patients and said: “In pink glasses the expected increase in severe patients is every 10.7 days. We see a stable language with an order of magnitude between 530.570 for 4 days. Maybe it hints that we get infected but do not become seriously ill.” –

“Maybe the beginning of a decline”

Professor Levy referred to the fact that over one million two hundred thousand Israelis have already been vaccinated in the third dose and expressed hope that in the coming days there will be stability and even a decrease in the number of difficult patients: “I think those who should be happy are optimistic “In severe patients, which may be the beginning of a decline. Therefore, I would take the optimistic but sober line.” Professor Levy explained: “Be careful about all the things and restrictions that are imposed, jump carefully, continue to consult with mathematicians and see the models and public health professionals, and continue to vaccinate and call for vaccination.”

Later, the former director general of the Ministry of Health addressed the issue of student vaccination in schools and said: “I am reluctant to understand if we preach the vaccine and say it is so important among young people as well. They are in schools, and even when we vaccinated the 5.4 million citizens we went with vehicles to the streets that people did not leave the houses. “Professor Levy wondered:” So here the children are in schools and we can not vaccinate them there? I do not understand this, we store flu, measles has a vaccine that can prevent illness and ensure the studies more regularly so exterminate them for a loss of an hour? What better way for children to be in isolation and lose 7 days? ”

Concluding his remarks, Professor Levy referred to the increase in manpower in Israeli hospitals: “Manpower is very essential even if it is unskilled and unskilled and difficult to treat in the Corona area. It can help and treat dozens of cases and hundreds of cases in the hospital. We lie on the fence to treat “Optimally, it is clear that the number of complex patients is also increasing, and attention to each patient is decreasing.” Levy concluded: “We are not only dealing with Corona, but also other patients and each Corona ward comes at the expense of an internal ward so the situation is complex.

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