A resident of the south of the country who underwent facelift treatment by an expert beautician on the occasion of her son’s wedding. The treatment failed and is distributed in the amount of NIS 9,000.

The incident took place about a year and a half ago. M., decided that ahead of her son’s wedding she wanted to undergo invested cosmetic treatment that would make her young. She turned to a beautician, who owns a beauty salon and she assured her that she would look ten years younger after the treatment.


“She told me that the treatment was very innovative and painless. That I would be ten years younger and that everyone would look at me in amazement at my son’s wedding so I believed her. In reality I was in pain and saw no change in my face,” M. repeated.

M., believed in a beautician and paid her NIS 5,600 for the treatment. In practice the facelift treatment failed. “The beautician offered me another treatment. I agreed but it also failed,” M. claimed. She said she offered her to undergo facial injections but she vehemently refused and demanded her money back.

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A treatment that ended in disappointment | Photo: Junko Kimura, GettyImages IL

You will need plastic surgery following the treatment

The beautician refused to return the money. M., filed a lawsuit against the Small Claims Court and demanded compensation of NIS 10,600, including mental distress caused by the failure of the treatment. She attached the opinion of a family doctor, a dermatologist and it was noted in her face that not only did the treatment fail, but following it she has a proliferation of skin wrinkles, considerable sagging and she will need to undergo plastic surgery.

The beautician admitted in court that the treatment was indeed unsuccessful but she said the results vary from person to person and she did not commit as to the results of the treatment. The judge who heard the lawsuit accepted the rifle and ruled that the beautician would compensate M. in the amount of NIS 9,000 on the grounds that the treatment did not cause any change in the appearance of the face.

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