Portable diabetic retinopathy test with AI
AEYE Health, a retinal imaging and diagnosis company using artificial intelligence, announced that it has received the first ever FDA approval for a fully autonomous AI that diagnoses diabetic retinopathy.Combining fully autonomous AI with a mobile handheld device presents a new and affordable screening solution to address the leading cause of working-age blindness. The mobile solution is particularly suitable for point-of-care testing, and enables tests wherever the patients are – whether in the clinic or at home.

AEYE-DS technology has already been approved by the FDA and is commercially available with a desktop imaging device, and will now become the first and only artificial intelligence solution that enables autonomous projection anywhere using Optomed Aurora – the portable handheld device.

AEYE-DS is also the only solution that screens patients using only one image per eye, with an image capability of over 99%.

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