LeBron James reveals: This is my training routine
LeBron James smashed every possible ceiling in his career after over 20 seasons in the NBA, the best basketball league in the world. The player, who reached 40, scored the greatest number of baskets of all time in the league, was selected as an All-Star 19 times, the king of assists, the king of baskets and countless other titles, makes everyone who follows him raise an eyebrow and try to understand how the hell he does it?From a quick glance at LeBron working out or just taking a picture next to a barbell, you can see that really any connection between his appearance and his age is purely coincidental. LeBron is an athletic monster who works his body in a phenomenal way, six days a week, and more importantly, works his body correctly to make him not only look young but also perform on the court much better than players who are ten years younger than him. There are many criticisms of LeBron’s conduct on and off the court, but one thing cannot be argued with – his attitude regarding his body is something we can all learn from him.

So what is his training routine?

LeBron works out every day except for one day dedicated to rest. In addition to the hours he spends on the court, he combines strength training with weights on three days and aerobic and plyometric training on the other three days. His emphasis on endurance is reflected in the famous HIIT workouts and he opens each workout with a warm-up of at least 30 minutes to loosen the muscles and prepare the body for the main part of the workout. LeBron’s coach says that training has become part of his nature, and his professional approach to the task brings them to maximum efficiency. “LeBron knows what he wants to achieve,” he said, “and I know what he wants.” LeBron, for his part, testifies that his lifestyle is designed to serve one purpose – to play as many minutes as possible on the court without getting tired.


What does it actually look like?

Monday is devoted to strength training his upper body and includes precise exercises for the muscles of the chest, back, shoulders, arms and abdomen, with an acceptable number of sets of three times per muscle group and ten repetitions per exercise.

Tuesday is plyometric day – speed training, explosive power and agility. LeBron usually starts with a 30-60 minute spinning workout of varying intensity and continues with exercises that combine speed and explosive power such as box jumps, push-ups and rope jumps.

On Wednesday there is strength training again, this time the focus is on the back and arms. The training includes exercises such as tension, front hand and deadlift. He also ends this workout with a 30-minute HIIT workout to maximize burn and performance.

Thursday is a combined day that starts with jumping rope for 30 minutes to warm up, continues with combined weight training for the whole body and ends with interval training that allows him to take his heart to the limit with sprints on the treadmill for another 15-30 minutes.

Friday is dedicated to the lower body and includes exercises for the front thigh using a leg press device, squats with weights, squats for the back thigh and more. He also ends this workout with explosive lunge strength exercises in jumping, box jumps and leg speed.

Saturday, just before the day of rest, LeBron James takes himself to the limit with a spinning workout and a workout that focuses entirely on the core muscles using resistance bands and, of course, Pilates, using the famous reformer that makes him stay completely in the game.

LeBron maintains a strict diet that includes a typical breakfast of protein omelette, smoked salmon and gluten-free pancakes, for lunch – whole wheat pasta with salmon and vegetables and in the evening chicken with rocket salad and a glass of red wine. Before games, he eats a sandwich with peanut butter and jam and at halftime he settles for an apple to restore energy to his body.

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