Nearly 100 workers in Dong Nai went to the emergency room for suspected food poisoning

After an afternoon meal of chicken noodles and chicken rice cakes, nearly 100 workers of Dechang Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Giang Dien Industrial Park, Trang Bom district, had stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea…

They were taken to Trang Bom District Medical Center for emergency treatment from the afternoon to the evening of May 15. The medical center mobilized all doctors and nurses on duty to provide emergency care in the context of an overwhelming number of hospitalized patients. Patients must sleep 2-3 people per bed. The emergency room has stretchers and beds lined up along the aisle to treat patients.

According to Doctor Nguyen Duc Phuoc, Director of Trang Bom District Medical Center, patients said they started vomiting and had stomach pain after having dinner at the company with chicken Quang noodles and chicken rice cakes.

There were about 500 workers having dinner together, currently nearly 100 workers have the above symptoms. “We suspected they had food poisoning and took samples for testing to determine the cause,” said Dr. Phuoc. There are currently no test results available.

According to a leader of Trang Bom district, among the hospitalized workers, one was in serious condition and required a ventilator, the rest were in mild condition. Many workers were prescribed medication by doctors and sent home for monitoring.

The worker was admitted to the emergency room suspected of food poisoning. Image: Thai Ha

Dechang Vietnam Co., Ltd. has about 1,200 workers specializing in providing high quality consumer electrical product components such as hair dryers, combs, household fans, heating fans, and generators.

Previously, on May 1, more than 500 people in Long Khanh were poisoned after eating bread. The cause was determined to be due to bread processing ingredients being contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. There are still two serious pediatric patients being treated at Dong Nai Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital 1 in Ho Chi Minh City.

On May 14, more than 350 workers in Vinh Phuc were also poisoned after lunch.

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