Correction to discrimination against gay men in blood donations: the minister of Health, Nitzan Horowitz (March), announced today (Thursday) that the clause prohibiting the receipt of a blood donation from a man who has sex with another man (even in the case of a regular partner) will be repealed, and will be replaced by another clause that does not relate to gender. The said section appears in the blood donation questionnaire that is distributed to any person who is interested in donating.

Blood donation (Photo: MDA)

The change is expected to take effect from October 1 this year, and will be worded as follows: “After having high-risk sex with a new partner or partners, wait 3 months until the next blood donation.” The Advisory Committee to the Ministry of Health on the subject of transfusions recommended to the Minister that the changes in policy be implemented, which have also been adopted this year in other countries around the world.

“There is no difference between blood and blood,” Horowitz said. “The ban on gays donating blood was a remnant of a stereotype that belongs to history. For years Israel has been trying to correct this discrimination without success, and today we have finally moved forward. Relevance in the Blood Donation Questionnaire From today, every blood donor who comes for the purpose of saving a life will receive equal treatment, no matter what his gender or sexual orientation, whether he is LGBT or straight.

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