Dermatologist |  These methods help to hide and fight cellulite

Many women suffer from annoying cellulite, which is considered a nightmare for them. Ugly-looking bumps that appear on the thighs and buttocks, spoil the aesthetic appearance of women and prevent them from wearing revealing and short clothes during the summer.

According to what Dr. Christoph Liebich explained that cellulite occurs due to the weakness, slackening and sagging of connective tissue, which leads to the curvature of the skin outward, and then the skin takes the shape of an orange peel.

The German dermatologist added that cellulite is due to genetic factors, noting that it attacks women in particular; Because their connective tissue stores more fat and water for hormonal reasons.

In addition, Dr. Joachim Graf von Finkenstein indicated that cellulite can be fought by manual lymphatic drainage, which activates the lymphatic system, and then helps to drain the fluid accumulated in the connective tissue.

And not only that, as the German plastic surgeon added that shockwave therapy is an effective weapon to fight cellulite, as precisely directed pressure waves work to get rid of unsightly bumps.

Von Finkenstein pointed out that the effect of these two methods can be strengthened by measures that contribute to stimulating blood flow such as massage and alternating baths (hot/cold), with smoking cessation; Because it disrupts blood flow.

It is also important to follow a healthy diet based on complex carbohydrates, low-fat meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, milk and whey, in addition to drinking plenty of fluids, in order to give the skin a tight appearance.

They also advised and recommended exercising, as it plays an important role in combating cellulite. For this purpose, connective tissue-friendly sports such as yoga, swimming and cycling should be practiced, while violent sports such as weightlifting should be avoided, as they may cause small tears in the elastic fibers.

They also mentioned another solution that may be accomplished for many people. If these measures do not succeed in fighting cellulite, then surgery can be resorted to, such as body lift surgery or the surgery known as Cellfina, and in this way, the contracted septum is cut with a small scalpel so that the surface of the skin becomes smooth again. . The advantage of this method is that the result is permanent, although it is expensive.

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