Spring is the ideal time for detoxification, how do you do it right?
In the various Eastern teachings, spring is exactly the time when the body is devoted to detoxification. In Judaism there are fasts throughout the year that can help the body regenerate and in recent years various methods have been developed to initialize the body from various diet menus, to herbs to fasting water and advanced hydrocolon, we will immediately explain. But first, why clean at all?”Our environment is surrounded by toxins,” explains naturopath Yigal Kotin, adding: “From the air to the cosmetics we come in contact with. There are studies today that describe how those toxins are harmful to various body systems. In almost every system and cell, from the nervous system and brain In brain cells that lead to memory problems and are some of the causes of attention and concentration problems and even to the point of anxiety and depression and mental problems.

We know that injury and toxin overload is one of the significant causes in chronic diseases, but not only in chronic diseases like cancer, inflammation or autoimmune diseases but even in conditions like obesity, fatigue, non-essential skin appearance, exhaustion, mood swings, headaches, skin problems and even bad breath From the mouth or skin, various allergies and weakness of the immune system. A toxic load will cause the body to age faster inside and out. ”

And what do those toxins do to the body?
“There are toxins that damage the blood vessels, the female and male hormonal system. Toxins are also part of the causes of cancer development, toxins actually cause the immune system to work in an increased way and the body tries to eliminate them in the form of inflammation, it tries to attack them. In the cell itself in all its energy production system and weaken the action of the cell and then if a cell is weak then it produces less energy and it also starts to get damaged.We know there is a toxic load, also the body systems responsible for those cells and their elimination are also damaged then there is increased cell activation Injured and this can lead to cancer.

“There are a lot of toxins that impair all the activity of the nervous system and they are called neurotoxins, for example: all the aspartame which is a dietary substitute. There are lots of toxins that act like hormones that disrupt the hormones in the body like spray , Which impair the structure of the cell and its activity. ”

And our body does not know how to cleanse itself?
“There are very high quality and good and sophisticated cleansing systems. Our body knows how to cleanse toxins from the cell level to the lymphatic system, the liver, which is responsible for cleansing, kidneys, lungs, skin, digestive system. Our body cleanses all the time but the important thing is the cleansing ability. Once the toxic load is greater than our cleansing ability, then we are in trouble. So basically we want to help all body systems cleanse toxins every day. Once a year or three times a year, it is advisable to put the body into some more significant cleansing process.

When is a good time to detox?
“It is possible to clean up whenever the body needs and is under a toxic load, but if we look at nature and energy, in nature it is renewed in the spring and therefore it is very true to clean in the spring that the weather is also more correct. All traditions speak of renewal towards spring.”

What is the recommended cleaning time?
“There is no right time for everyone, but it is more right for people in the modern age to do long and gradual processes. In any case, a good time is between a week and 3 weeks, but even 3 days would be great.”

Is it really forbidden to eat?

According to Kotin, people who have chronic diseases or are dealing with health conditions should consult a professional before cleaning. Even people without a health background should pay attention to the effects on the body. “Most cleansing methods are suitable for modern man and do not require increased rest except for a water fast that requires more rest, but it is good that a person who does cleansing will devote a little more time to rest to allow the body systems to function optimally.”

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What foods are Big No No in cleaning?
“Foods that have ingredients that know how to activate and stimulate the body’s inflammatory system or our allergic system that is actually part of the immune system, such as dairy products, gluten, sugar, processed foods, chemical toxins in food and food coloring. We will also try to avoid foods that increase acidity in the body. Coffee, meats, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.Also avoid heated oils like soybean oil or stale oils, corn oil, sunflower, canola.We want to avoid cooking methods that make food toxic like long heating, frying, burning food (like toast or on the fire ) “.

Is there such a thing as cleansing foods?
“Yes. They are the ones that intensify the cleansing processes in the body. We want lots of antioxidants, which are the ones that protect the body or help the body defend against the damages of various toxins. They protect the body from inflammation, they are beneficial to the liver in the cleansing action. “We have vegetables and fruits like blueberries or berries, like chlorophyll that is found in green leaves, like beta carotene that is found in carrots and pumpkin, like quercetin that is found in onions. It is important to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.”

Green smoothie (Photo: Imagebank / Thinkstock)
Green smoothie | Photo: Imagebank / Thinkstock

Methods for detoxification

Water fasting

what are we eating: Do not eat, drink only water.
Cleaning household: Depending on the pathology. Most often, people who reach a state of water fasting are sick people who suffer from chronic or acute problems. Think about it, that when we are sick, we are not really hungry and so are injured animals in the wild. The idea behind water fasting is to give rest to the digestive system, so that most of the energy in the body is channeled for healing.
Who is it suitable for: For sick people only on the recommendation and guidance of a professional. There are also unique places that accompany people in water fasting processes in a close and controlled manner.

Juice fasting

what are we eating: Or rather drink several times meals of fruit and vegetable juices. The general idea is that juices squeezed in a fiber-free juice machine provide enough energy to the body but do not require much energy from the body to digest the food, so the body is at relatively digestive rest and is free for healing and rejuvenation.
Cleaning household: Between one day and 5 days. People who want to recover from various diseases or lose weight, sometimes make longer fasts.
Who is it suitable for: For people who want to lose weight, recover from chronic or acute illnesses, for those who want to renew their energy. Accompanied by professionals only.


Raw Food

what are we eating: Fresh and uncooked organic food. That is: mainly fresh fruits and vegetables, almonds and nuts or sprouted legumes like lentils, mash, sprouted chickpeas. Uncooked live food is rich in vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, it is easy to digest and does not consume much energy to digest it. Can be combined with cleaning juices, smoothies, salads and even desserts without baking.
Cleaning household: Starting a week and the cleansing can be done for a long time, and there are those who even take the method for their lifestyle.
Who is it suitable for: For anyone who wants to take their health a few steps forward, for people who want to do cleansing, but fasting and juices alone are not for them.

Rice diets

What to eat in it: Mostly rice and fresh green leaves. Some people go on a rice and mash diet (green legumes are easy to digest). Basically eat the rice with fresh vegetables. You can also eat green apples. Start the morning with warm water with lemon and a tablespoon of olive oil.
Cleaning household: From 3 days to a week. Some do the diet for a longer time.
Who is it suitable for: For those looking for a gentle and not too difficult cleansing.

A combination of raw food and cooked food

what are we eating: Or in its second name see up to 16. That is: until 4 pm only eat live food, and then switch to cooked foods such as soups / legumes / steamed / stir-fried vegetables.
Cleaning household: From a few days to a lifetime.
Who is it suitable for: For anyone who wants to stay healthy and cleanse the toxins in a not too difficult way.

Enema / herbs / exercises and various aids

what are we eating: In addition to various diet menus, there are other ways to cleanse toxins that support cleansing and increase the cleansing process such as: herbs, various breathing methods, supplements, essential oils, reflexology or acupuncture, methods from the world of yoga like tongue and enema cleansing, hydrocolon, saunas, baths with Salts, rubbing the body with a sponge, or various yoga exercises.
Cleaning household: The various aids actually accompany the various cleaning menus and help speed up cleaning processes. It is important to remember that nutrition is a significant part of the cleansing process and cleansing will be more effective when combining nutrition menus with the various aids.
Who is it suitable for: For those who want to take their cleansing one step further, for healthy people as recommended by professionals.


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10 rules that are important to remember in any detoxification process:

  1. Before you start. It is important that you do blood tests and refer to a professional who will see the tests and aim for the most appropriate cleaning for you.
  2. gradation. The body does not like sharp and fast transitions. Too sharp transitions will manifest in weakness and dysfunction.
  3. Reactions. Each cleansing can lead to various side effects as part of the body’s natural cleansing process. If you are used to drinking a lot of coffee / eating chocolate / sugars and processed, as soon as you stop putting them into the body, it will start to excrete the toxins into the bloodstream and as a result many will feel tired / headaches / pimples on the skin and more. Reactions or passages after a day to several days, depending on the degree of toxins and the body’s power to emit them.
  4. Stop putting in toxins. No matter which method you choose, the most important thing is to try to live as clean as possible on a daily basis and not to burden the body with unnecessary toxins. Remove from the menu all the processed foods, simple sugars, junk food, cigarettes and alcohol.
  5. sport. While cleaning it is possible to exercise and even recommended, but downshift. Instead of a gym and intense workouts, try to choose an activity that helps the body sweat the toxins out without overloading too much. Example: brisk walking, running, cycling, Pilates and yoga.
  6. Do not overload the stomach. Maimonides said to leave a third of a place in the stomach at every meal, or in simple words – do not explode. Eat the right amount for you.
  7. Drink water. Remove sugary and carbonated beverages from the menu and drink water, which helps to clean out the toxins.
  8. Work on breaths. We can live without food, without drinking, but can not live without breathing. Breathing is the life force and it also helps to eliminate waste from the body. Be sure to work on daily breathing exercises for a few minutes, deep and calm breathing.
  9. Choose organic. At least while cleaning, try to buy organic, spray-free fruits and vegetables.
  10. Avoid stress. Which is interpreted in the body as toxins and causes many diseases. While cleansing, also take time to clear your mind.

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