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When we talk about treatment Diabetic During his fasting, the treatment depends on the type of medicine used as well as the number of meals. If the patient is able to adhere to the diet specified by the doctor and eat only the breakfast and suhoor meals without eating meals in the middle of the iftar period and without eating the types of sweets that are frequently eaten during RAMADAN month.

Diabetics of this type are advised to eat less diabetes treatment Which he takes during the normal breakfast days, after consulting the attending physician, and there are now some oral diabetes medicines that are preferred more than others during Ramadan because they do not cause a decrease in the level of sugar in the blood.

As for diabetics who are treated with insulin, we advise them to take the insulin dose before breakfast only, and adjust the insulin dose accordingly. Suhoor meal if necessary instead of insulin, of course, after taking the opinion of the attending physician.

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