AGI – In a gym in Milan they are infected ten people and it has been ascertained a case of an Indian variant. This was confirmed by the Ats Metropolitan City of Milan which is managing the Covid outbreak: 10 cases at the moment in the gym that had opened on May 24.

Ats explains that “one case showed Indian variant infection and sequencing was required for the other 9. All cases are in isolation. The Agency has also identified 140 attendees of the gymnasium that from May 24 (opening date of the gym) to May 31 (date of presence of the last case) had contact with at least one of the 10 cases detected. They were all invited to take a test antigenic or molecular at Ats’ network of buffer points and drive-throughs “.

The Covid outbreak was detected at the Virgin Active club of Milano Città Studi, who issued a note on the subject. “With regard to the news regarding the cases of infections detected at the Virgin Active club in Milan Città Studi – it is stated – the brand confirms that respect all measures within their structures health and hygiene provided by the government, both in individual training and in the conduct of collective classes. Virgin Active Italia immediately made itself available with the Ats by sharing the required data regarding attendance at the Club for the appropriate checks, with the aim of protecting the health of its collaborators and customers in the most rigorous way “.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, has invited a keep attention. “It is right to reopen – he explained – but it is clear that the situation must be monitored. In England, the country that first vaccinated and opened, there are cases of return“. “I do not think we will get rid of the pandemic quickly, or at least it will no longer be a pandemic but – Sala underlines – that attention must remain, yes. From here to say that at this moment we should not reopen there runs, I think that you have to open it carefully. Supervision must be careful and localized “.

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