“Adolescence and old age are part of our lives, we need to prepare for them and know how to deal with when one of the family members becomes a person with a disability. Many times this situation comes without warning, in cases of accidents or illness,” says Ravit and Rimi, A social worker with many years of experience in rehabilitation and health. “At that moment the person himself and his family feel helpless in the face of the new and unexpected situation and in the face of the many bureaucratic obstacles that await them. The level of personal, family and environmental stress is high, and uncertainty creates a feeling of anxiety and lack of control. The pressure and the feeling of helplessness. “

After years of working in nursing homes and government welfare institutions, Rimi is part of an accessible CARE team, a social worker and care coordinator.

How is your work conducted?
“I go into a house that is in such a crisis and do a needs assessment and accompany them throughout the crisis until you no longer need it. I work with other people who specialize in these areas of rehabilitation and health and give a very good envelope. Take for example a patient in hospital after an accident, he was completely independent and became “Our job is to get into the family, understand the financial capacity, understand the needs and options in their place of residence and help.“

Where are the difficulties?
“There are a lot of difficulties for contestants, most of which are simply due to lack of knowledge. People who have such a thing happen in mid.life do not know their rights and usually do not know who to turn to, they are also in emotional anxiety and emotional crisis together. “The emotional, the familial. In this chaos comes a person who comes to make a mess of order in a mess.“

I suppose everyone is a world and its fullness, and there is no treatment similar to another.
“The experience of caring for people who are in these places gives you a wide range of understanding and solutions. And because each person is different, and everyone takes the crisis completely differently, treatment does depend on so many parameters. I care for the family today beyond the bureaucracy and arrangements they need. “For them, I also work with them on emotional conversations of how they now live as a couple in a way that is not chaotic. And that’s part of my job where I come home and do a needs assessment of social work par excellence.“

And of course there is a difference between a person who was completely healthy and became disabled, and one who was born into it.
“Whoever is born into this I doubt he will need me, because from day one it is the bureaucracy and struggles, and they are mostly people accompanied by the state, welfare, health ministry, and they are people who need less help because they live it from birth.“

How important is the support around?
“A family’s support system is important not only in terms of disability or limitation, but is important for a person, and is very significant in a medical crisis. When there is a strong family calling and enlisting, it’s a difference between heaven and earth, and it’s super important. Confusion and ignorance and sometimes disagreements about treatment and division of roles. There is a very big erosion. When a medical crisis begins, you do not know when it will end. Even people who care for their parents are working and very busy. “The system that takes care of him. If I take the bureaucratic coordination down from a family member for an hour and a half a day, it often gives air to breathe.“

To what extent does the gap exist in the establishment? With help that may have to come from the state, from welfare, and is unable to keep up?
“Look, there is no situation that a welfare social worker can give of her time, it’s not a matter of talent. They just do not have time. There are more than a thousand standards in welfare in the country. And I worked welfare with the highest quality and professional women there. It is not possible for a long time. Besides, it is worth noting that the corona has created a terrible situation in the country of caregivers and foreign workers. There is a tremendous distress of caregivers and great difficulty in giving people an answer. The distress increased greatly. The sky is closed, and it is working now in a difficult reality. “

Take care of the therapist

It is clear that optimal treatment is the result of cooperation between the family and the therapist, but the complex situation sometimes creates friction, especially if the treatment is prolonged, and sometimes even becomes more expensive.

How long does an escort take?
“It depends. A month, three months. It depends on the size of the medical crisis.“

What tips for dealing with the new situation can you give families?
“Understand that it is a shaky emotional experience – a medical crisis is usually sudden. It is important to understand that sometimes it affects each member of the family differently. This understanding will help better communication and better coping. Everyone’s time and ability, and try as much as possible to share the therapeutic load.It is also advisable to act openly and share with each other the new difficulties and needs.

How important is it to have a primary caregiver?
“Primary caregiver – usually determined naturally by the power of reality, but if necessary must be appointed. It must be an address for the caregivers so that they do not have to talk to another family member every time. “. Of course it is important to maintain open and respectful communication between family members. To set dates when we sit together and try to solve all the problems.“

What about decision making?
“It is worth deciding in advance how we communicate with each other, what to do when there are disagreements about issues related to treatment and how to make decisions in emergencies and in general. Yes, have a conversation about the personal beliefs of each member of the family, and try to reach an agreed policy. “

And know how to take a break?
“Definitely. To know how to take a break for yourself, to accumulate energy and strength and not feel guilty about it. In addition, it is important to find a person close to lean on. “Knowing how to use a professional person who will provide support, advice and guidance. The crisis is accompanied by a lot of difficulties, bureaucracy and lack of knowledge, so a relevant professional can help with the various factors and find solutions tailored to the needs.“

Continue to feel at home

In addition to being accessible to CARE, a company that provides private social facts services, it is the first company in the country to provide advice, planning, providing professional opinions, accompanying and performing all necessary work to renovate and adjust buildings, accessories and aids for the disabled and people with special needs. Everything to create an open and safe personal space for them.

The increase in life expectancy in Israel, together with the increase in awareness of the needs of the elderly, has also led to many beneficial collaborations between government bodies and private bodies. Accessibility of public institutions alongside accessibility of residential apartments has gained great momentum in recent years. Since, as mentioned, a disability usually comes as a surprise, it is worthwhile for the family members and the disabled person himself to seek help from professional factors and not from amateurs. There have been many cases where renovators who do not specialize in the subject, have left in the middle of work, or have demanded impossible sums to complete it. “Accessible” provides a holistic solution for a safe and independent environment in the home for people with disabilities and the elderly, along with a complete and professional package for home accessibility, through long.term support from the company’s experts.

“Accessible” also works closely with the various government ministries, welfare, security, social equality and more. The company’s various experts advise and guide in working in front of these offices, which also give grants for renovations, installation of leaflets and more, all in order to reduce the cost and adjust the renovation process.

“We do everything to ensure that the person continues to ‘feel at home’ even after he has a certain disability. That is our motto. That the person can continue with the routine of his life,” says the company’s CEO, Raz Korkin

Raz Korkin (Photo: accessible)

“With a kitchen for example where the cabinets are lower, the aisles in the house are wider. In general, we recommend long.term planning on an issue that will make life easier for all of us in the future. We are also working with government ministries to improve conditions.” We are very attentive to these needs, and we work with it in full cooperation. “The best and best for the well.being of the elderly and people with disabilities. We treat them as if they are really part of our family.“

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