Professor Rafi Carasso spoke yesterday (Sunday) with Guy Peleg and Aryeh Eldad and addressed one of the hot questions of the Israeli summer – why is the neck caught when sleeping with an air conditioner in the hot months? The professor argued that the solution to the problem lies in the number of degrees the air conditioner is aimed at.

Carasso explained that “it can be the neck and sometimes the back as well, this is an area that is more exposed to wind and cold. When cold wind and cold air envelop the exposed areas, which is usually the neck or back, and the body is exposed to this cold for a long time – then the muscles contract. , And we get up with a busy neck. If we’re young, then we turn our head to the right and left, and release it. If we’m older, then you can go into a shower of lukewarm water, and the muscles relax in a few minutes. “The dryness of the air conditioners causes the skin to lose its moisture, and the body dries and the skin dries.”

“You can turn the air conditioner on at 25 or 26 degrees. 26 degrees is a pleasant cooling when there is heat outside. Adjust the air and wind of the air conditioner so that it is towards the ceiling, and fall asleep excellently,” he said.

Upon hearing his response, the pair of broadcasters resented. Peleg said that “it is impossible to fall asleep at 26 degrees,” while Eldad added: “I would rather have a busy neck over this heat.”

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