Received a summons for a third vaccine even though they do not meet the criteria

The third vaccination campaign is in full swing and with it so do the bureaucratic glitches. As part of the management of the vaccines and queues database, it was decided by the government and the Ministry of Health that the third vaccine will be given according to criteria of age and vaccine groups. It started with people aged 60 and over dropped to 50 and in the last week to 40. However, many Israelis were surprised in the last day to receive summonses for vaccination 3 from Maccabi HMO even though they are under 40. They do not intend to give up the gift they received, as they said in a conversation with Mako And intend to be vaccinated..>

“I had thyroid surgery and thought maybe it’s because of it. But I’m not at risk according to what I checked, I’m not at the age of those who can already get vaccinated and I did the first two vaccinations just like everyone else,” says Ronit (30) who was surprised to receive the message about Summons for a third vaccination. “They sent me a message at night and I said yes. I went into the app to check if it was because of something unusual, what the criteria are for a risk group and I am not in any of them.”

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The message Maya received | Photo: Private


She does not intend to give up the opportunity. “Obviously I will go get the vaccine. But when I am there I will ask out of curiosity.” So is Maya (36) who was surprised to receive the summons notice and really does not intend to give up the vaccine. “I received a message that I was invited to get vaccinated with the third vaccine, so I went into the app and made an appointment. Yes, I intend to go if I have already received the summons. I would be very happy.”

It should be noted that the decision on the criteria for receiving the third vaccine was made by the team for the treatment of epidemics of the Ministry of Health, which convened to discuss the issue and formulated a recommendation for a third vaccine against the corona virus. Currently, the Ministry of Health has assumed that the third vaccine will be given to people aged 40 and over, provided that five months have passed since they received the second vaccine. Any change in the criteria policy is determined by the Ministry of Health only, which updates the HMOs.

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