Everything you need to know before school: The Corona Cabinet has decided to open the school year as a series starting Wednesday, September 1, under certain restrictions as part of dealing with the spread of the Corona virus. How will this affect students, parents and teachers? These are the updated guidelines.

As stated, the primary and post-primary education system will be opened as an orderly throughout the country. According to a government decision, students will be able to be vaccinated on school grounds during school hours, subject to parental approval. In addition, students up to the age of 12 will be required to present parental confirmation that they have performed a negative antigen test (rapid and home test) on the opening day of the school year.

Students at a school in Tel Aviv (Photo: Avshalom Shashoni)

Tests, tests, tests

The Ministry of Education requires that three steps be taken before returning to school:

  • Serological examination for children aged 12-3 quickly, easily and free of charge
  • A quick antigen test for kids ages 16-3 quickly, easily and at no cost
  • Signing a consent form for the “Magen Hinuch” program

In the days before the start of the school year (30.8-29.8), antigen test kits will be distributed to parents of students aged 16-3, in order to hold the test the day before the start of school, August 31st. Parents of school students will take the test from the school secretariat and parents of kindergarten children will take the test from the municipal or local authority centers.

According to the Ministry of Education: “A positive result in the test will prevent students who were found positive from coming to Corona for studies and will require a regular corona test at the HMO or at the test complexes.

Have you been vaccinated? You will study in class

Grades 8-12 that the number of vaccinated people with less than 70% will be transferred to online learning. In classes where the vaccinated rate exceeds 70% – learning will take place in front. Teaching both in kindergartens and schools, and in all staffs dealing with the education system.

And what about day care centers from birth to age 3? The hourly guidelines are to wear a mask of the staff throughout all hours of the day care center, both indoors, outdoors and in all types of activities.

Full Ministry of Education guidelines – on the official website

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