A two-and-a-half-year-old toddler was rushed to Schneider Hospital after swallowing a large amount of jelly balls. An ultrasound scan of the toddler identified a large amount of bullets in his stomach, some of which had already advanced toward the small intestine.

In consultation with the team of doctors who appointed Dr. Orit Weisbord-Zinman, Prof. Raanan Shamir and Dr. Oren Erlichman, the toddler was urgently transferred to the operating room, where a gastroscopy was performed, from which it was discovered that these were small jelly balls for play with a diameter of 3-4 The medical staff then performed surgery to remove the pills from the toddler’s stomach.

Jelly balls in the toddler’s stomach (Photo: Schneider spokeswoman)

The medical center explained that this game becomes dangerous and has a very great potential for damage when the pills are swallowed by toddlers, swell inside the body and cause a duodenal blockage which is a real life danger. It was further said that this is the third case in the last two years in which children have been frightened to the Schneider Center after swallowing jelly balls.

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“We are witnessing a large number of cases in which toddlers swallow these jelly balls, and repeatedly warn parents to be vigilant and keep small objects out of the reach of small children, because swallowing them can cause significant damage,” said Dr. Orit Weisbord-Zinman.

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