Hospital director: “If no money passes by the next day, we will work on a Saturday basis”

The director of Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, Professor Yonatan Halevi, spoke today (Monday) with Aryeh Eldad and Guy Peleg on 103FM, in order to explain what is behind the threat of public hospitals, which have announced that they will stop accepting Corona patients due to lack of budgets. “If the money does not pass by the next day, we will move to work on a Saturday basis,” Professor Halevi declared.

“If there is no flour, no Torah. I do not understand how they want us to pay salaries. How do we pay suppliers, when millions of shekels that should have arrived, simply did not arrive?”, The director of Shaare Zedek resented.

Despite this, he emphasized: “Can you imagine that a patient who arrives in an ambulance will not get a doctor? Of course if there is a chance that his condition will deteriorate, he will be absorbed immediately. Certainly respirators will be absorbed immediately as well. Can anyone think otherwise at all? ”

“We are told Otto the money is coming. This ‘Otto’ has been going on for nine months. We are starving. We are not fighting a hunger for the health care system, we have reached a point where we can not absorb more patients because of a government promise from the Ministry of Finance. “They recognized our blatant discrimination against government hospitals and the health funds. They promised NIS 630 million, which simply did not come,” Halevy continued to explain.

In conclusion, he claimed that the threat to stop treating Corona patients stemmed from the fact that the virus was in the eye of the storm. “For the Ministry of Finance, public visibility is important, so that they will not be against them. If we said that on Sunday we would stop doing non-urgent gallbladder surgery, it would not move anything. I want to see if this threat moves at least in terms of public echo, we do not endanger anyone,” he concluded. .

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