Why shouldn't you buy half a watermelon?
Watermelon season is here, and at the vegetable and fruit stands you can find this sweet and summery fruit, which can cool down the day and make us feel good. Many of us prefer to buy half a watermelon. It is easier to carry, the quantity is more friendly for short-term use and beyond that, you can actually see the contents of the fruit and examine its nature, which you know cannot be done when buying a whole watermelon.However, it turns out that this habit may cost you health damage. “When you buy a cut watermelon, it’s hard to know how it was treated,” warns the epidemiologist Dr. Marina Tamir Zadkin. “For example, the knife that was used when cutting it – who knows how clean it is, if it was washed at all with soap and water after each use. Also, it is not clear what the hand hygiene of the person responsible for the cutting is. These problems may expose the watermelon to bacteria that eventually reach the consumer and may cause stomach aches and other problems.”

Dr. Tamir explains that the correct and safest way to enjoy a watermelon is to simply purchase a whole one. “It is important to wash the watermelon rind with water and wipe the watermelon before cutting. After eating, it must be stored in the refrigerator, both to maintain freshness and to prevent the proliferation of bacteria that really like the liquid substrate in the watermelon.”

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