Should you wash rice thoroughly until the water is clear?

In the past, rice was mainly grown and consumed by the family. Through the process of harvesting, drying rice, and milling, rice contains a lot of dust, even gravel. Besides, Vietnam has a tropical climate, hot and humid, and air pollution is also favorable conditions for bacteria and mold to grow. Therefore, washing rice before cooking is necessary.

However, currently there are some types of rice that do not need to be washed before cooking. For example, rice that has been dried and then vacuum-sealed when packaged is called clean rice. Or sprouted rice, which means the rice is sprouted and then dried and vacuum-sealed, also only needs to be cooked and does not require rinsing.

Many people have the habit of washing rice thoroughly until the water is clear before cooking it, which is completely wrong. Valuable fiber, vitamins and minerals are mainly located on the outside of the rice grain, not inside. Therefore, if you wash the rice thoroughly until the water is clear or rub it too hard before cooking, it will lose the important nutrients of the rice grains.

In general, you should not rub rice too long, too thoroughly, or soak rice for too long before cooking. You should only wash the rice, stir gently, decant the water to eliminate worms and grit, and remove any debris or grit before cooking. In addition, you should wash your hands thoroughly before washing so that the rice is not contaminated.

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